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Update posted by Wenjie Ng On May 04, 2021

Morning everyone!

Just to give you guys an update, Gary has gone through his surgery on the 13th of April to have a catheter inserted for the purpose of dialysis. He is doing well, and has gone back to the hospital for this week to be trained on how to use the dialysis machine. I do have a photo of him, but I can't seem to upload it here. I will have it uploaded on the main photo section.

I will be visiting him later this afternoon to pass him the funds we have managed to raised. I will like to thank each and everyone of you who kindly donated to this cause. And to be transparent with everyone here too, while it is recorded that we've raised a total of $11,229 on the site, due to fees and charges by both the platform and payment merchant, the actual amount raised is $10,284.37.

While I will be closing this fund raiser, do reach out if you'll like to continue to donate to his cause. I believe Gary will appreciate every bit he can get at this point. In fact, if you have a simple job offer for him, do reach out to him directly too! That could be a longer term solution for him at this point.

Thank you again everyone!

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Update posted by Wenjie Ng On Apr 10, 2021

Dear friends and family of Gary,

Thanks for all the kind donation you've made so far!

I'll like to just give you guys a quick update on Gary.

He will be due for a catheter surgery coming Tuesday, after which he has to rest for 2 weeks before heading back to the hospital for 5 days to learn how to use a dialysis machine.

In the meantime, he is still holding up well and will like to thank everyone for the support!

I will continue to update you guys on his progress after the surgery.

Please continue to share this funding page and do what we can to help Gary.

Should you know anyone who is willing to donate a kidney, please reach out immediately too!

Thank you everyone!

Yours truly,


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