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Update posted by Michelle Esteves Jimenez On Apr 04, 2021

Namaste! I offer my respects to you.

Just want to share an update to everyone on my situation :

When i first had COVID :

My symptoms feeling feverish (i dint mind it coz i usually get heat flashes where my ears turn red and body temp doesnt adjust until i take a bath and feel better again)

2nd day had slight fever 37.6/37.8 (told my family to move out na my rum)

i was complaining my ears and eyes where hot

back of my eye was painful

my eyelid veins were bruising up (parang veins were breaking)

day 3-4 no more fever (im on ivermectin na and linghua - told my family to move out of the house day3)

day 5 felt normal na but did another swab test turned out positive

day 6 lost sense of smell and taste only for 1 day (no more fever anymore until today in the hospital

I online meet with my Cardiologist Doc Ariel Miranda & Doc Gavin (Cardinal).

Scelto Medico Team of Doctors from Medical City

Doc Eah Sherlyn (Continuous support and prescribed me my meds and schedules and told me when to go to the Hospital already)

Doc Cristina Montes (Continuous support always checking on me she gave me all my meds)

Doc Edessa Chan (Chinese Traditional Medicine (Continuous support and always checking and fixing my schedule of western and eastern meds so they don’t contradict on schedules and each have time for my body to absorb)

i wanted to go to the hospital already i was having a hard time breathing doubling up on my breathing and was getting my common anxiety attacks where i hyperventilate and my whole body cramps up from face to legs (like getting spasms and a stroke)

My experience from the ambulance getting me at home is the saddest my wife was crying cant even come close to me and was filming and watching me as the paramedics got me i saw my dad for a quick second coming down frm his rum but it was too late to say goodbye.

A good friend of mine Bryan was the one that found me the Hospital i could go to already and he coordinated everything with my wife and owner of Hospital.

I got to the Hospital at 11pm at nyt and outside the ER was packed!! alot of children/families wanted to get in but no more space and hospital is understaffed already.

i have a cctv in my rum/ u barely see people come in not unless they put a new IV Line or meds in IV. Everyones on PPE and Face shields some nurses handle 2floors!! u have to wave into the camera or i have to call outside (wife or mom to call the owner to get medical addention so some1 will come to me. it was chaos and feels like theres a war and everyone is sick and dying (3alarms ever since ive been here code something)

i sometimes miss my dose of meds due to lack of supervision, we are looking to get an outside nurse to watch me already even for a few more days just to keep track on my meds. i need extra help to just move around my rum and assist me with things. (All the meds im taking i brought from home or have it bought outside) Only meds im taking here are the ones for IV and Oxygen and I get to do the tests without guessing on what to drink or do. The doctors barely make rounds to avoid contact with us who are sick.

My family and close friends and My family in the Drone Community and from JCI SanJuan Pinaglabanan non stop looked for a hospital and ambulance to get me in 2.5days in the making to get me in a Hospital everyone was not sleeping.

Continuous Prayers from everyone and my God Brothers & Sisters of Chaitanya Mission & The Science of Identity Foundation continue to remind me of how important it is to take shelter in the Holy names of the Lord and there is no other refuge and protection but thru Krishna.


1 1/3caps Ivermectin 20mg for 5days

3caps Linghua 3x a day (7am/2pm/9pm)

3x a Day (Steam with Salt)


5 Baricitinib 4mg Olumiant (Oral)

5days Redemesvir (200cc loading) 100cc (rillly painful) per load (IV) (im on my 2nd dose)

2 Loads of Potassium in my IV(rilly painful)


5days Zithromax 500mg 1 a day Oral

3x a day Co-Anmoxiclav 625mg Oral

3 x a day Fluimucil (mucolytic) 600mg mix with water

1 a day 1.5 tab Dexamthasone Decilone Forte (Makes me Sleepy)

1 a day Doxofylinr Ansimar 400mg (Oral)


1 a day KLyte 600mg Potassium Chlorride (Oral)

1 Cefixone 2gml(IV)

1 a day morning enoxapharine .4ml Blood thinners (stomach shot)

1 a day Dexamethasone 6mg (IV)

1 a day Oneprazole 40g (IV)


2x a day Colecalciferol Vitamin D3 (Oral)

2x a day FernC Sodium Ascorbate (Oral)

2x a day DayZinc Sodium Ascorbate (Oral)

1 a day ImmunoMax Forte (Oral)

2x a day Conzace (Oral)

1 Montelukast Zycast 10mg (Oral Nyt)

2 a day Betadine Gargle every 6hrs (Morning After Breakfast & 4pm)


Oxygen Intake : 7-8mins per litter Oxygen + CPAP Machine to push air in so i can inhale a little better


When in pain :

3x na Paracetamol 1G for pain 600mg (IV)

Norgesic Forte (Oral)

Celebrex (Oral)


My Usual Meds : (Oral)

1 a day Triplexam

1 a day Xanor 500mg (they made it 2x a day)

2x a day Sinupret Forte(stopped)

1 Zycast at Nyt

Did allot of Bloodwork again 2nd time.

ABG Artery Bloodwork to check oxygen that goes in the heart (very painful)

CBC/ Tri etc.

Did another Chest Xray today

Doing a CT Scan Chest Xray today

My observation :

I dint improve yet in my breathing due to my pre-existing condition (Inhale is still not enough air to make a complete breath)

i have to breathe in 2x to make 1 full inhale. When i have CPap on it helps a lil bit but not 100%.

i try to do prana breathing thru 1 nostril and take deep breaths 1 per nostril for 5mins after that i get knocked out and sleep inget so liteheaded and super tired.

I cant have visitors no1 is allowed to visit and come in my rum hehe even doctors seldom come what more people from the outside hehe theres a window where i get sunlight from 6-8am so i get a chance to go under the sun for a few hours a day.


Again i would like to thank everyone who is sharing a prayer, sending some love, their thoughts and sending financial support i am overwhelmed with how full my inbox is and have not gotten a chance to open every single message, sms, dm’s.... i and my family would like to thank everyone for your kindness and compassion i would like to also take this opportunity to apologize if i have committed any offense or have or must have done or said something bad or may have hurt your feelings in the past intentional or unintentional i am truly and deeply sorry pls forgive me as i am not perfect.

Thank you & Namaste! Haribol(Chant the Holy Names of the Lord)

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Update posted by Michelle Esteves Jimenez On Apr 03, 2021

Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for all your support. We are already at 10% of our goal!

Spoke to Kalki last night, there is still no progress. He is having a hard time breathing and is relying on his oxygen and C-PAP machine to breathe. He got his second dose of Remdizivir yesterday. We are still hoping for good news in the coming days.

He is so thankful to you guys for supporting him in this trying time. May we request that you message him encouraging messages or funny stories to keep him distracted.

We will update again once there is progress. Let's continue to pray for him and his family. Thank you!

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