Updates on Speedsters

Update posted by David Attali On Feb 20, 2021

it has not been easy but we are finally ready to start the color grading phase. Our cut is locked and we transferred the timeline from our main editing suite Premiere cc to the color soft Da Vinci resolve studio...

We are exploring several directions, one is the classic Hollywood Teal- Orange , another one is colder, greener world inspired by Guillermo Del Torro " The Shape of Water".. however, it all started with the love of the look for the night scenes of Martin Scorcese's "Taxi driver" .. maybe we should add grain ?

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Update posted by David Attali On Feb 19, 2021

Yesterday was a great Day as we received the first track draft for the film's opening and it' s beautiful... I am so glad that the talented Ignacio Soler is with us to create the music for Speedters.

Thanks also to Nils, Tsang, Tsang Mc and Bastien for their support !

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Update posted by David Attali On Feb 18, 2021

We are glad to announce we have officially hired Ignacio Soler, Argentinian composer Soler who will work with Martin Chapell, renown sound designer of Jonnie To's films to create the soundscape of Speedsters.

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Update posted by David Attali On Feb 12, 2021

Hi there,

Happy Chinese New Year of the OX! It arrives with a great step forward in the Prost production of Speedsters as I just had a cool creative brief session with composer Ignacio Soler who will score the soundtrack.


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Update posted by David Attali On Feb 08, 2021

We are so glad to have received the support of our first donators. Thank you so much!

Our main main task this week is to complete the script for the Voice Over recording of our main protagonist, Chase.

Key themes will be thenNeed for belonging and purpose, the need for freedom and, as the monologue is meant to be an inner voice it should portray Chase's' feelings and reactions to the events she is going through.

Our Facebook page is active and will feature exclusive making- off info.


Check it out!

Be well, stay creative and speed on!

Merci !

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