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Update posted by Beatrice Coetser On Feb 28, 2021

Thursday the 26th February we went for our scheduled meetings with the doctors. Bea had been complaining about headaches and dizziness all week. We did a MRI scan and results came back that there are around 10 small new nodules on her brain. She is currently in hospital and under heavy medication. We just waiting for medical aid to approve the gamma knife surgery she’s scheduled for. It’s basically a type of radiation that zaps the nodules without damaging the brain and has a very good success rate. Her medical aid is crippled as is but currentwe just focusing on healing. God bless all of you that have helped. Bea is the strongest human I’ve ever met and we will smash this!

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Update posted by Beatrice Coetser On Jan 30, 2021

Hi everyone!
Just an update from our side. First of all we can’t believe the generosity of everyone involved in reaching our target so quickly, enough. You will never know how much this has helped us with the outstanding medical bills during this process and may God bless you all! Besides the donations there have been a lot of people helping us in so many ways and we very grateful. A big thanks to the King family for looking after us for so long with accommodation in Jhb during the various procedures Bea had to do. Our next step now, is a visit to the oncologist at the end of February. We will do a mammogram and other scans if required. We have changed our lifestyles by eating well being active and having a positive attitude. We don’t look forward to any day in the future as every day is a gift and must never be taken for granted. The donations have been deactivated on the page as we reached our goal but will keep it running so those of you who follow can join us on the journey. Will send an update after our next visit. Thank you all and God bless.


Aaron & Bea


You are an amazing young lady with much fight within you. Your outlook and positivity has brought you to where you are today. You are a survivor in more ways than one. You are Blessed. Take care and stay safe. 🙏

Michele Steyn

Update posted by Jan 31

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Update posted by Beatrice Coetser On Jan 24, 2021

Just finished with Beas stereotactic radiosurgery on her brain to kill any remaining cancerous cells. Next steps are heading back to the oncologist at the end of February. Bea is feeling positive and good. We can’t thank everyone enough for helping us so far! Regards Aaron & Bea

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Update posted by Beatrice Coetser On Jan 20, 2021

Heading off for Johannesburg tomorrow to start Bea's intensive brain radiation. This is a big one!


Good luck Bea!

Cara Kuipers

Update posted by Jan 20

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Update posted by Beatrice Coetser On Jan 19, 2021

Just a massive thanks to everyone who has donated so far. I wish I knew who all of you are so I can say thank you personally.

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