Updates on Help Mirasol Cuello, a GBS patient

Update posted by Camille Cuello On Mar 19, 2021

We are still in the hospital and settling the bill. We also need to resume the therapy for her to stand, talk, walk again. We humbly asking for your help. It would take a long medication for my sister, we are asking for your support.

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Update posted by Camille Cuello On Feb 23, 2021

I am Camille F. Cuello. We would like to ask for your help. Our third sister, Mirasol, is in the hospital, she was confined last Dec.6 2020 at Perpetual Las Piñas, and was diagnosed with Guillan Barre Syndrome (GBS) and Pneumonia. We were at the public hospital at first but they did not know Sol's illness due to lack of equipment, so we were referred to a private hopital. During the first week, Sol's brain was still in good condition even though her legs and arms were hurting and weakening and she was having trouble breathing so she had to be intubated. On her 7th day in the ICU, doctors and nurses tried to remove Sol's ventilator. After 30mins of Sol's breathing properly without a device, her oxygen suddenly dropped and she started to have a seizure. It took a while before Sol's tube and ventilator were reattached. After that, Sol did not wake up for 2 weeks and the doctor said she had no response. The doctors advised us to just take her home. But Dec.24 in the evening, we tried, our mother entered Sol's ICU cubicle. Mom held her hands and face and talk to her. Just a few minutes later, Sol looked up and started to cry.

Her vital signs became stable after that night, but my sister suffered a brain damage. She underwent a tracheostomy to move her tube to her neck. On January 26, Sol was transferred to a private ward. She improved even more, even though she could not speak yet and she responded slowly because of his damaged brain. Her therapy for her GBS also started. February 9, all of Sol's doctors have cleared her and she will continue his therapy and her other medicine at home. My sister is still bedridden and she needs a private nurse to focus more on her.
I am asking for your help, we have been discharged from the hospital for almost 3 weeks but we still cannot go home because we are stuck with Sol's bill. Sol's bill reached 1.3m and we only paid P450,000, it came from donations and fund raising, we still have a balance of P850k. We approached the Office of the President but they were asking for a promissory note from the hospital. But we are not given a promissory note by the hospital because they need collateral. We do not have any property, or possessions.
We have nothing to collateral with them. I would like to ask for your help. As time goes on, our bill increases and grows bigger. I hope you can help me and my family.Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. God bless you.

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Update posted by Camille Cuello On Jan 27, 2021

Her clinical abstract.

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Update posted by Camille Cuello On Jan 22, 2021

This was her a day before she was admitted to ICU. She's really weak and she can no longer eat or drink properly. It was a painful moment for all of us. I miss her so much.

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Update posted by Camille Cuello On Jan 19, 2021

This was her when she is admitted in ICU because she needs to be intubated due to her decreasing oxygen level. Her upper and lower extremities and so weak that she can't walk and make movements. Her back pain is severe. She also need to use catheter for her urine and bowel. My heart was really broken when i see her like this.

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