Updates on Tracy’s War on Stage IV Lung Cancer

Update posted by Betty Cheung On Dec 17, 2020

Dear Tracy's #ARMY,

Since the last update, I got some feedback from longtime friends of Tracy's (whose contact details I didnt have) that they didn't know about the fundraising. Well as a remedy to the delayed "newsflash", I've now set the campaign as a long term fund-raiser, as Tracy's War is in no way a short-term fight!!!!

Tracy at TY Healthcare

Breathing Easier

The clunky oxygen cylinders were causing both Tracy and me (the designated canister jockey) a whole lot of stress with its limited "air" and timing of the delivery for replacement oxygen, so I went to Celki and arrange for an "Inogen 3" portable oxygen concentrator delivered to her home on 7 December. Tracy now has a battery that's good for 4h, a second battery good for 8h plus the whole thing is rechargeable even during use. It's so easy to operate that Tracy is her own oxygen jockey now. Not to mention the whole contraption is easy to carry giving Tracy way more flexibility and freedom.

Accupuncture and TCM

She put the Inogen to work right away as she had an appointment to see the magical Dr Ju of TY Healthcare Chinese Medicine (She is highly recommended by Dr Emily). Dr Ju worked on Tracy's breathing with acupuncture. Needless to say this was super scary for Tracy as there were a lot of painful needles (including one extreme needle in a nether region!!!) This is when she screamed the loudest. Later that night we had a video chat with our "sister" Peggy and Tracy recounted the horrific details while she laughed out loud for nearly an hour (an awesome side effect of the unimaginable pain). So between the screaming and the laughing, Tracy's breathing continues to improve.

QEH Out Patient Appointment

On the 8th of December, she had a full day at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, with morning tests and a follow-up with the oncologist. He reported that the blood work showed a slight increase in cancer cell count and the X-ray did not show any significant change in the tumour or the fluid (personally, I didn't like this downbeat vaguery that detracted from Tracy's happy report that her breathing was way better than at the last visit). This time the doctor prescribed 4 weeks worth of Crizotinib which makes makes her next visit after the holidays.

Tracy's Motivation

As reported before, Tracy is a "people" person and the love and support of her friends means has such a big impact. Post QEH, we spent 2 hours catching up with our friends Wen and Lily (Tracy's War superbackers) at a socially distanced, well-ventilated dinner. Tracy cuddled with "Sweet Potato" and "Red Bean" and it was crazy feel good therapy. One week later, Wen and Lily, who are also certified CST practitoners (5gram), started working on Tracy and taught her some simple meditation.

It very heartwarming to see Tracy improve thanks to all the strength she's gained from the complementary treatments, lifestyle advice, outpouring of positivity and love. All I can say is please keep on sending your love her way. She is definitely responding very well and growing stronger.

Upcoming she has an CST with Wen and Lily, EFT session with Caroline, and Acupunture with Dr Ju before the year ends. Hopefully she'll have a chance to video chat and meet in person with her friends and backers

Thank you again Tracy's #ARMY. You are the reason Tracy's health has improved so much. Please continue to share this campaign with Tracy's friends (who I may have missed) so that Tracy's #ARMY continues to grow.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to you all. Stay healthy. Tracy sends her love to her #ARMY.

XXOO Betty

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Update posted by Betty Cheung On Dec 01, 2020

Dear Tracy's #ARMY,

Today is December the 1st, and it's a really good day.

Target Goal Reached

I hadn't checked the crowdfunding page for a week. This morning I checked and WHOA, I learned that the recent generous donations from Tracy's dear friends & former colleagues at Basis Point plus our artjamming customers help us reach our target goal. Thank you, thank you so much, guys. Tracy is really beyond moved by your BIG love and support.

<3 <3 <3

Government Funding

That Samaritan Fund application is finally submitted as of yestrday (so less stress for me and indirectly Tracy). Fingers crossed, we get good news soon about the subsidy for her exceptionally expensive but very miraculous target drug, Crizotinib.

Medical Update

Crizotinib, is really working for Tracy. She has a side effect of nausea but the Metoclopramide pills that were prescribed to her are effectively cancelling that. As I reported in the last update, Tracy is also experiencing a slowed heart rate by about 30 beats per minute. But in recent days, she has managed to climb 3 Chinese walk up storeys to her home with only 2 rest breaks all on her own power. Tracy credits her resting heart rate which is around 90 BPM and having been able to catch up with a couple of friends in the past few days. You see that Tracy's #ARMY, your LOVE is a big part of Tracy's treatment.

Holistic Healing Update

Tracy selfie : Like An Arrow from BTS Life Goes On

Yesterday Tracy had a session with Caroline Rhodes of The Body Group. Amazingly Caroline managed to help Tracy remove the block in her windpipe and helped her to lie on her back for half the session. A couple of days ago, I suggested to Tracy that she ask Caroline to help her to lie on her back however yesterday morning she told me, "l tried last night, I don't think I can do it." Needless to say, Tracy was shocked and amazed and super happy by the immediate results.

Last night she slept leaning forward on cushions (something she started doing while at Ruttonjee Hospital), but she ended up waking up lying on her left side (her cancer side). She said it was so weird to find herself in that position. She has not slept on her left side in many months.

Tracy is whole-heartedly on the road to recovery, ARMY, while listening to #BTS especially the new single "Life Goes On". She is "Like An Arrow" with clear purpose and direction. Please continue to share Tracy's crowd funding page, so that more friends and supporters can join Tracy's ARMY.

XXOO Betty

#fighter #lungcancer #lifegoeson #likeanarrow

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Update posted by Betty Cheung On Nov 19, 2020

Dear Tracy's #ARMY

On Tuesday 17 October 2020, Tracy was scheduled for another chemo/immnotherapy session. But after follow-up with the oncologist, a new treatmentwas prescribed -- owing to Tracy's promising response to the target medicine Pembrolizumab with very few side effects -- just fatigue, slight constipation. Tracy managed so well at home, she never took any of the meds to treat the side effects.

New Target Medicine - Crizotinib

Her doctor has now prescibed Crizotinib at HK$37,100 for 3 weeks worth of medication -- the doctor has prescribed 7 cycles of this target medicine. This particular course of her treatment was covered by the funds raised by Tracy's #ARMY while Tracy applies for a subsidy fromthe Hospital Autority's Samartian Fund. The previous application is null as the target medication has changed. The fund will provide subsidy for future target medicine by not reimburse for retroactive treatments.

Tracy has just started taking the pills as of today, the 19th. She's taking care to monitor her heart rate as one of the side effects of this drug is slowed heart rate.

Tracy's heart rate has been elevated since being admitted to hospital at the end of September. So I suppose this is a fortunate side effect.

Alternative Treatments and Maintainence

Tracy will continue her holistic treatments regularly every 2-3 weeks and will be seeking other alternative therapies that may complement her current treatment. She's fiercely sticking to her high protein, high fat diet and has worked very hard to maintain her BMI.

Thank you to Tracy's #ARMY for all your support. Her #fighter spirit is strong because of your love and support. Please don't stop showing your support.

XOXO Betty

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Update posted by Betty Cheung On Nov 06, 2020

Dear Tracy's #ARMY,

There's another new addition to our rewards sponsored by the famous and fabulous Teresa Norton and her company StarMaker. This reward will be ideal for a small company who wants to start the new year off with a big boost. Read all about it on the rewards page.

Also a quick update on Tracy's recovery. Either the immunotherapy or the holistic physiotherapy or both seem to have helped normalize Tracy's BP and lower her heartrate. Her appetite is increasing and she is breathing more comfortably albeit still with the help of an oxygen concentrator. She feels good enough to pull out #BTS Wembley concert DVD to watch!

The hospital immunotherapy will continue with the second treatment in 10 days time and she has another holistic session on Monday. Tracy's really digging deep and #fighting!!! We won't know how she's doing until the hospital checks on her progress.

There are so many people reaching out to Tracy's War. She has help to drive her to her appointments, make her food and so many friends and strangers making contributions, particularly those shocking her with big surprise donations. Tracy especially wants to thank those who choose to be 100% anonymous. There's no way for her to thank you directly but at least here I can say Tracy's #ARMY is truly gratefully for your selfless contribution. Tracy's recovery owes everything to you.

XOXO Betty

#fighter #lungcancer #btsarmy

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Update posted by Betty Cheung On Nov 03, 2020

Dear Tracy's #ARMY

A dear friend of artjamming, Mary Covatta (Founder of Covatta Communications) has kindly sponsored her professional expertise to our rewards in support of Tracy's War. Check out her rewards now and get Mary on your side to recover your business during these difficult times. There are only few sessions on offer, so don't think on it too long.

Love you Mary for doing this for Tracy.

XOXO Betty

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Update posted by Betty Cheung On Nov 03, 2020

Dear Tracy's #ARMY,

Deepest gratitude to Kim Robinson who has introduced Tracy to physiotherapist and holistic healer, Caroline Rhodes. Caroline did an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping session for Tracy's first holistic treatment. The session was quite challenging for Tracy as she still has shortness of breath and could only sit up for her session (as reclining blocks her breathing).

The session was an amazing cathartic experience for Tracy and she is facing some of her anxieties and also relearning some valuable things about herself. All I can say is that I saw glimpses of Tracy's natural joy and strength peek through during the session.

Tracy will continue seeing Caroline regularly in the coming weeks to continue her holistic therapy. I am looking forward to continued improvement, emotionally and even physically. Your support of Tracy's War will support these sessions.

Thank you Tracy's #ARMY for delivering HOPE and OPPORTUNiTIES by continuing to fund this long, hard battle.

XOXO Betty

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Update posted by Betty Cheung On Nov 01, 2020

Dear Tracy's #ARMY

In less than 24h, we have exceeded half the initial campaign target. I have been an emotional wreck ever since I woke up this morning. The outpouring support for Tracy's War has been above and beyond. Every donation is a gesture of pure LOVE!

The amazing sponsored reward of an exclusive commissioned painting by Kim Robinson is already taken. I'm already working on new rewards sponsorships to encourage others to join in the #FIGHT.

Some donors have opted to not to accept any reward and for that, I cannot express how touching it is to see how Tracy's connection with her friends far and wide, new and old, is so unbreakable.

Let's keep the LOVE coming. Please continue to share this page wherever you can. #Fighting

XOXO Betty

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