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Update posted by Foxfire 40900590 On Oct 17, 2020

Hello, #AlitaArmy,

We made it! I am really proud of this Fandom. Thank you very much for each and everybody who made this campaign possible. We have collected a combined $3864 during this fundraiser-campaign. So $1,587.00 will go towards the board which had the fee included. So that means we made almost $2,277 in excess money. After Gogetfunding fees on that part, we are left with $2109 which is amazing. 50% will go towards Feeding America and the other 50% will go towards Youtube advertisement.

The Billboard & Youtube Ads are great but there is more. On top of that, the fandom will have a Twitter trending campaign on the 22nd of October at 11 am UTC. All of that should hopefully bring the deserved attention to our Battle Angel and let her have a great second wind at theaters.

Again at everybody. I feel honored to be part of this amazing group of individuals called The #AlitaArmy. Thank you!


It’s so wonderful that we managed to do it all. I would also like to thank everyone involved and gogethfunding.com. I hope so much that there is a good boost for Alita battle Angel 2 This is very good news, thank you very much. #AlitaArmy is the best Fandom ever.

Becker Fynn

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