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Update posted by Animal Lovers For Lola Cortina On Jul 13, 2021

A Big Thank You to all of you who care about our precious Lola and are kindly sending in donations. Please know Lola can feel your outpouring of love and that means a lot to her.

Battling Stage 4 lung cancer is a tragedy, and we are still hoping for a miracle as Lola receives her different treatments. San Miguel's cats need her so badly. Lola needs to be around a lot longer. Needless to say we are all deeply saddened to learn of her diagnosis. Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you, all of you!!

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Update posted by Animal Lovers For Lola Cortina On Jun 04, 2021

Lola Cortina, founder of Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka AC, and caretaker of more than 100 cats in 2 shelters, needs your support. She has rescued and taken care of cats, dogs, opossums, birds...even turtles... for the last 18 years. Currently, she has more than 100 cats in her 2 shelters, and that is her main focus. She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Fortunately, she is not in pain, but needs funds to pay for her treatments and the ongoing shelters' expenses. Her usual fundraising activities - Gringo Bingo and Thematic Evenings, have been canceled during Covid, so we are hoping cat lovers will help her and the cats with kind and generous donations.
Thanks so much!!

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Update posted by Animal Lovers For Lola Cortina On Oct 01, 2020

Thank you to everyone who has contributed..we are truly grateful, we still need another $3000 + to help with Lola's expenses. She needs funding for her ongoing work with the community cats and other animals...vet care , food, shelter etc etc.

Please donate if you haven't already done so. Remember...without her and people like her, a lot of animals will suffer. We need her. I wouldn't be doing this if she didn't really need it!!!

Please anyone reading this post .. most of you know me, and know this is very important to me. Maybe you could give up that fancy dinner that will cost you $35 per person and save a few lives.

Thank you!


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