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Update posted by Ravindra Kumar Alis Ravi Kumar Saripalli On Dec 13, 2020

Dear Friends in Christ, Merry Christmas to your family..We are poor, working hard..We need your prayer and your love...Please try to understand my situation to the request I am posting to you..There is a lot of fake online..So you can see and recognize our ministry. We are constructing a new building...I took it in the bank and finished half the work, proof documents of bank loan is as follows ....The rest of cost $ 36000 USD to build..If you can help $ 1 USD ... I can buy a brick...That way if everyone understands and helps I can get the rest of the work done..Send your donation through link: https://gogetfunding.com/for-assistance-to-children-up-to-one-year/ (OR) via PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/RaviKumarSaripalli (OR) Website: http://www.blcm.in/ God Bless You.


1st Bank Loan: Rs 4,00,000.00/- ($ 5719 USD @$1 Rs.70)

2nd Bank Loan: Rs 7,00,000.00/- ($10000 USD @$1 Rs.70)

Total Debt: Rs 11,00,000.00/- ($15719 USD)

Total Installments: 120 Months

Monthly installment: Rs 18900/- ($270 @ $1 Rs.70)

Every Month installment Date: 13th

(Those who decide they help each month send $ 270 USD to PayPal): https://www.paypal.me/RaviKumarSaripalli

(OR) send through my website: http://www.blcm.in/

This is my email: [email protected]

Another My New email: [email protected]

2nd LOAN:

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