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Update posted by Zrinka Jankovic On Jul 14, 2021

One year later I still need your help. All of the funds that I collected are now gone - I went for check ups all across Zagreb, paid for private clinics, paid for my blood work to be done and, most of all, paid for my food which is probably the most expensive part of it all. The dietary restrictions I have and vitamins I have to take are incredibly expensive and I can't afford them on my own, since I still can't work. I take 20 pills a day, so I have to be extremely mindful of my gut and I what I eat, which is sometimes also hard, because I have days when I can't get up from the bed and have to order take out. Everything from the food, vitamins, honeys, teas and, most importantly, health check ups, is really expensive and the money I managed to collect actually went down the drain pretty easily and quickly. Some appointments cost 6000 euros just for one appointment, so some stuff I wasn't even able to go to or try.

My health has also been pretty much the same - I still have to lay in bed a lot, still get heart palpitations quite often and I, once again, found myself in the hospital this summer, so nothing's changed. Apart from the heart, I've been having problems with my tumor, which I now have to get looked at next week and I also had an operation of a possible melanoma, which also turned out to be benign, so that was good news.

The doctors in Croatia can't seem to figure out what's wrong, but because of the restrctions I couldn't go anywhere else. Now that COVID-19 is a little bit under control I would like to start exploring my options outside of the city I live in, which means going on trips around Croatia and outside of Croatia. Right now I have 15 Croatian doctors to visit and they are scattered all around the country: Rijeka, Osijek, Split, Zadar, etc. That means I have to drive there, stay there, go back and pay for everything myself. I also managed to collect some connections from Graz, Berlin, Vienna, The Netherlands and Italy. But that also means I have to collect money to get there. I, too, apart from getting my heart checked-out, have to do my blood work and go to other specialists, not just cardiologists. I truly cannot to this without your help. Again.

I'm really desperate, but a little bit more hopeful now. I feel that if I manage to collect as much money as possible that I'll be able to go to other countries and seek help there. Apart from your help, if you do decide to donate, I've reached out to my University so they can help me translate the numerous papers about my illness, so that I can show them to other doctors who don't speak Croatian. I've also reached out to many other institutions in and outside of my country, so this situation I find myself in is not for a lack of trying.

I thank you in advance if you decide to donate and hope that this time next year I'll be able to greet you with some good news. Thank you for your support, again, I really appreciate each and every message and penny that comes my way.

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