Updates on HKDC: Join the US Frontline for Hong Kong

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Update posted by Samuel Chu On Jul 01, 2020

Three HKDC leaders will testify in front of House Foreign Affairs Committee this morning:

Mr. Nathan Law, Advisory Board Convener

Mr. Lee Cheuk Yan, Advisory Board Member

Mr. Brian Leung Kai-Ping


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Update posted by Samuel Chu On Jun 30, 2020

“Hong Kong Safe Harbor Act” (Rep. Curtis, Castro, Gallagher, Sherman, Cheney, Rouda, Yoho, and Suozzi)

“Hong Kong People’s Freedom and Choice Act” (Rep. Malinowski, Kinzinger, Curtis, McGovern, Phillips, Lowenthal)

Both bills include HKDC-championed measures that could provide Temporary Protected Status (TPS), refugee, competitive visas, or expedited “green cards” to qualifying Hong Kong residents

WASHINGTON, DC (June 30, 2020) – Over the past months, HKDC has proposed and promoted a number of policies to the Administration and Congress that if enacted, would provide Hong Kong residents, who have a credible fear of political persecution and/or those with close personal and business ties in the US, immigration or refugee status and protection.

As the Chinese government continues on its path to strip away Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedoms, the US is taking steps to make sure that any and all Hong Kong residents fleeing political persecution is welcome in America. Just last Friday, the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress announced a draft outline of the National Security Law for Hong Kong, the proposed law will effectively give the Beijing government direct, unfettered and unlimited jurisdiction and law enforcement to suppress dissent and protest under the guise of “national security”.

The two bi-partisan bills being introduced include provisions and designations championed by HKDC, including:

1.Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Hong Kongers: Provide Hong Kong residents who are in the US at the time of the designation, to remain in the US legally and obtain work permits.

2.Maintains Hong Kong’s status as autonomous for the purposes of immigration: For not less than 5 years from such time as the President suspends, in whole or in part, special treatment of Hong Kong under U.S. law, Hong Kong will continue to be considered a separate foreign state apart from the PRC.

3.Designates certain Hong Kongers as “Priority 2” refugees: The act would, using standards defined in the “Lautenberg Amendment”, designate Hong Kongers who have a credible fear of persecution and who have strong personal, family, or business ties in the US as refugees.

4.Provides special immigration status for certain high-skilled Hong Kongers: Competitive visas for residents of Hong Kong who have received a graduate diploma from an accredited institution, have completed undergraduate education in the United States, or is the sole or majority owner of a company with more than 50 direct employees or greater than $5 million in assets.

5.Expedites Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR or ‘green card’) status Hong Kongers residing in the US: Modeled after the Chinese Student Protection Act of 1992, it would allow Hong Kong residents (including students) who are residing in the US during the 5 year period beginning with June 1, 2019, and have a credible fear of political persecution to apply for a “green card”.

In response, HKDC releases the following statement by Samuel Chu, Managing Director:

“Both of these bills, and Senate companions, are natural extensions of America’s commitment and promise to safeguard the freedoms and autonomy of Hong Kong. As the world witnesses the collapse of ‘one country, two systems’ in real-time, and present threat of CCP turning Hong Kong into an authoritarian police state under the new national security law – the US and the rest of the world must protect Hong Kongers who are facing arrest, extradition, secret trial, imprisonment, and even torture for exercising their basic freedoms.

The protest movement in Hong Kong has inspired the world – America not only has a long tradition of serving as a refuge for those fleeing political persecution, the US also shares deep social, cultural and economic ties with the people of Hong Kong.

For many who have had public and frontline roles in the protest of the past year, these protections could mean the difference between continuing to fight for Hong Kong here in the US or life sentences as political prisoners in China – for some – they could mean the difference between life and death.

One of the most unique features of the US-Hong Kong relationship is Hong Kong’s autonomous status for the purposes of immigration. HKDC strongly supports maintaining that status even if the US suspend or revoke Hong Kong’s special status under the 1992 Hong Kong Policy Act.

Beyond sheltering those who are in immediate danger of persecution, the proposed measures would also target talented individuals – those with college degrees, who are high-skilled, or own businesses. Welcoming them to America is not only the right thing to do, but it also strengthens the hand of the US in the global competition for economic and human capitals, scientific and technological innovations against China.”


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Update posted by Samuel Chu On Jun 29, 2020

HKDC leaders and pro-democracy activists to testify despite the imminent approval and implementation of new National Security Law in Hong Kong by Beijing that would criminalize such act as “colluding” with foreign powers

WASHINGTON, DC (June 29, 2020) HKDC's Mr. Lee Cheuk Yan and Mr. Brian Leung Kai-Ping will testify in front of US Congress House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 9:30 am ET. The hearing will be conducted and can be viewed online via the Committee’s website. Also joining the witness panel is Prof. Carole J. Petersen, University of Hawaii.

The full committee hearing, “The End of One Country, Two Systems?: Implications of Beijing’s National Security Law in Hong Kong”, comes amidst wide expectations that the CCP will approve and immediately impose new National Security Law before or on July 1 that would criminalize free speech and protest in Hong Kong.

Link to Hearing announcement here:


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Update posted by Samuel Chu On Jun 29, 2020

【港版國安法】游說美眾議院為流亡學生發綠卡 HKDC:新法案如「黃雀行動2.0」

更新時間 (HKT): 2020.06.27 18:03

「港版國安法」即將頒佈兼實施,被中共抹黑為恐怖分子的抗爭者命運堪憂。歐盟早前通過「港人救生艇」議案,在美港人組織Hong Kong Democracy Council亦積極游說眾議院推出兩條法案,確立救援機制,要求國務院保留對港獨立入境審批、向面臨即時威脅港人發簽證赴美尋求庇護、將流亡美國香港學生簽證轉為「綠卡」,並針對高技能人士設立專才入境計劃。


美國共和黨眾議員匡希恆(John Curtis)及民主黨眾議員民主黨索茲(Tom Suozzi)早前公開表示將提出《Hong Kong airlift act》(香港救援法),要求國務院指定部份香港人列為「第二類優先難民」(Priority 2 refugee),讓遭受政治檢控的前線抗爭者、運動組織者及其家人直接在駐港或海外美國領事館尋求難民庇護。

有份進行美國游說工作的HKDC行政總監朱牧民透露,眾議院亦擬推出另一條法案《The Hong Kong People’s Freedom and Choice Act》(香港人自由選擇法案),要求國務院在取消香港特殊地位起5年內,保留獨立入境審批、為指定在美港人提供「臨時保護身份」,繼續在美居留及工作、為在美完成學士學位或擁有小型企業的僱主等提供特別移民計劃,以及向有遭政治檢控風險又身在美國的港人,包括學生,發放綠卡。







他認為法案會獲得顯著支持,而當年提出《中國學生保護法》協助中國學生的正是現任眾議院議長佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi),加上法案特別設立專才計劃,故整體而言,法案除向香港抗爭者展示,美國作為其後盾外,亦向中方發放訊息,倘若中共肆意打壓香港、摧毀其國際地位,美方會吸納香港的人力資源,吸收其社會經濟資本,不單推動兩地社經上競賽,更符合美國利益,擴大支持度。

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