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Update posted by S Cooper On Jul 08, 2020

Hello, thank you for visiting my family fundraising page.

This week has been extremely challenging.

I was visited by the landlord on Monday, this month I had paid for a few months rent, I was behind with payments and SB donated enough to cover my debts before we started this crowdfunding page.

The Landlord said we should pack our belongings and be out by Tuesday, because we haven't paid rent in time, he is giving the house to someone else. Now I have paid our debts we are being removed. He said the way I have paid him rent does not favour him, because these days I cannot pay in time.

We are so sad because we don't have anywhere else to go, we need to find somewhere smaller. Here in Gambia it is expensive to be able to find a place for 4 people to live.

Packing up our home

Whilst the ultimate goal of this fundraiser is for raising the start up costs for my business, but this is an emergency situation, we have lost our home.

I needed to sell what I have so that I can raise the money, so I already have sold our small TV, and I am considering selling my phone. Yet that means I lose my contact with everyone, I lose my chance to update SB to share our story on the fundraiser... That would cost me even more through feeling isolated and unable to reach my friends for their support.

On Tuesday I spoke to the landlord, he did not care we had no where else to go. He said we can put the stuff somewhere in the compound until I have the house. I have arranged the kids to sleep at my friends house, whilst I sleep in another friends house until I am able to raise the money for us to have our own place again.

I feel so useless to myself and my siblings when it is such a struggle to meet our basic needs.

It's nobody's fault, we are in this condition and peoples situations are different, I will have to take things as they are. If you are reading this, all I ask is you share and take the action you feel will help our cause.

By donating £10, this provides us with over 500 Dalasi.

The rent I need to pay is 2500 Dalasi, per month. which is a goal of £43.75. However the landlord requires me to pay 5 months before I move in which is 12500 Dalasi.

So far we have raised 8500 Dalasi.

I sold the TV for 2000 Dalasi, my community here have supported my family, 3 people donated a total of 4500.

Today I have taken the £35 raised in this fundraiser, 2000 Dalasi, which makes my total now 8500 Dalasi.

We're hoping to raise £70 ASAP to get the accommodation we desperately need.

Please keep sharing and our story! Thank you kindly, the Dacosta Family

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