Updates on Fight against stage 4 lung cancer for Angelo

Update posted by Arlene Lorenzo On Oct 16, 2020

Angelo died last 10th September 2020, I'm really sorry for the late update, our family still on process of bereavement.

On behalf of my family I want to thank everyone for all the help you given to us, it was indeed a huge blessings your donations and prayers during our difficult time.

Take care and God bless ♥️🙏

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Update posted by Arlene Lorenzo On Aug 20, 2020

It’s been 70 days since Angelo hasn’t been able to see little Adam. Between check ups, chemo treatments and a stomach operation, Adam finally saw his Tata again. At first he couldn’t recognize him because of the weightloss and discolouration. But he eventually came around and gave Angelo and big hug and kiss. Keep your prayers coming.

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Update posted by Arlene Lorenzo On Jul 15, 2020

Angelo celebrated his 30th birthday on July 13th with a double celebration of completing his second round of chemo therapy.

Thank you all for your donations, the support is overwhelming...too soon to tell what results are but keep us in your prayers ♥️🙏

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