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Update posted by Jerry Lukendo M Mparha On Jul 27, 2020

During the lock down, refugee single mother in Uganda specifically those living in urban areas, lost the source of their livelihoods, they are unable to pay for basic necessities including rent, utilities, and food. Also, schools were often providers of meals for children, now leaving these children at risk of facing hunger with schools closed. With fears of hunger, homelessness, and certain hopelessness on the rise for this already vulnerable population, they need us now more than ever.

We seek to raise $25,000 USD in order for us to support these women recover their businesses through replacement of the items sold during the lock-down. We cannot do this alone unless you support us. Together, WE CAN, Together, WE ARE VICTORIOUS. Big or small donation, every effort counts and it will all have a great impact on someone’s life.

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Update posted by Jerry Lukendo M Mparha On Jun 22, 2020

As Uganda lock-down is been eased progressively, many single refugee mothers sewing businesses suffered the loss of a number of items including sewing machines and tailoring materials which may have been sold during the lock-down in order for them to provide food to their family members. This situation has generated a cycle of poverty caused by Covd-19 pandemic. This health crisis has put many vulnerable people and particularly single refugee mothers in a disastrous state hence increases the dependency syndrome amidst them. With your donations, 5 single refugee mothers today each were given a sewing machine and tailoring materials. This act of generosity gave them hope provided that they will soon start providing food to their children and family members hence reduces the dependency syndrome. They are aspiring now for a great and bright future.

As we express our gratitude and thanks for the kind donations, we still come with open hands, asking for more support because our goal is to support 50 single refugee mothers to recover the businesses that were lost during the lock-down.

Thank you once again to all of you for being there in difficult times like these to support and donate as much as you did in order to have this campaign a success. We hope you will continue working towards supporting our initiatives. You truly make the difference for us, and we are extremely grateful!

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