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Update posted by Foxfire 40900590 On Jun 08, 2020

Sunday was the last day of our billboard. For a full 7 days, the Battle Angel was back on the big screen. We collected so far almost 2100 $ which will go to Action Against Hunger and Feeding America. This is outstanding!!! Thank you soo much for your generous donations. I am proud of you all and humbled to be part of the #AlitaArmy.

Another great news is that our billboard got far more attention than anticipated. A lot of magazines and youtube bloggers covered the news about it. Hundreds of thousands of people got reached. I got the news next day on my android phone via google-news. Among the reporters were:



Digital Spy






Three Buck Theaters

Clown Fish Tv

Our fight is not done since the sequel is not announced yet. But every time we make a move we are also doing good. And this isn’t simply “business”. The people in this fandom have become comrades & friends while fighting for a common goal. This is great! Let’s keep this up!

I will do another update when this campaign closes out on Sunday. Thanks for reading.

Stay Tuned.


Please have a look at my cause too Please I beg you all

Rahul Mathur

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Update posted by Foxfire 40900590 On May 28, 2020

Not even 2 days have passed and we achieved the goal of $999.99 with lots and lots of days to go. You guys are soo amazing. We will keep this fundraiser open for the whole duration to give others a chance to contribute as well.

Thank you everybody for the generous donations. Each and every one of you carries the spirit of Alita.

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