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Update posted by Angie Gullan On Jun 29, 2020

Having waited in anticipation for the President to address the nation in Mozambique - we are very disappointed to state that we have been put under another 30 days lockdown and that at this stage we do not have the go-ahead for domestic tourism from July nor the confirmation of international tourism from September. This will mark four months of no income and this is wrong on so many levels!

Traversing Ponta do Ouro today you will find most people masked up and abiding by the 8pm curfew, if not you may find yourself sitting in the police cell and labelled as non-compliant. Social gatherings are limited to 20 people and the overall feeling of isolation from global family and friends is tangible. Today in-particular there is a certain anger in the air as some of us come to grips with another month of battling to put food on the table for ourselves and extended families.

As the months draw on with no tourism and no dolphins we find ourselves in desperate need of some vitamin human and vitamin sea! We really miss being out their with our supporters and friends checking in on our dolfriends!

Over the months the team has been keeping themselves busy by attending to general office work and admin, data and image sorting as well as gardening! Thanks to your kind donations we have been able to get our hands on some heirloom seeds and are now able to start with our first harvests.

Chef Tina made some delicious pies out of the Chinese cabbage - a somewhat hairy leaf that cooks down into utter yumminess. The fruits of mostly Mitch and Dallas’s labour are paying off with staff and friends getting fed if just a little bit from our miniature farmstead. We can’t wait to have volunteers and interns back onsite who will benefit from this project too.

Our sustainable shells project has taken shape with the first batch ready to go on sale at our Center.

After a few weeks in production Mitch has mastered the pouring of the shells while Angie the finishing touches and natural dying to keep them as natural as possible. A set of these will be raffled as a runner up prize to our fundraiser! Don’t forget to watch the draw at 5pm Southern African time on our facebook page!

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