Updates on Food for the poor in Bukit Lawang during covid-19 crisis!

Update posted by Anna de Jonge On Jun 15, 2020

Yes! Last week we were able to make a second round of donating to people who need support during this covid-19 crisis because they don't have income anymore or any other support.

Personally, I love to see how joyfull the team is. That alone make me smile!
But to realise that we could help 85 families again is really amazing!

In the link you will go to my Facebook page where I put a video online. In that video you can see what we did we the second 850 euros.


Thank you all so much for helping!!!

Greetings Monang & Anna

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Update posted by Anna de Jonge On May 01, 2020

The first part of the donation has already reached people in need!

Watch the video in the link to see what we did with the so far donated money.


We hope more people can support us so we can help more people!

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