Updates on Family of 4 needs donations for food and accommodation in Can Tho, Vietnam

Update posted by Xola Kubheka On Mar 20, 2020

Sadly the situation is getting more and more intense in Can Tho City as residents are distancing themselves from foreigners. Home owners are not taking new foreign tenants. Some hotels, hostels and homestay places canceled our bookings saying their establishments is not suitable for a family of 4 even after we have expressed willingness to book 2 rooms. The school's academic manager says the school cannot secure accommodation for us even if we pay for it ourselves and have expressed willingness to let us go at this point. Because we are unsure of how long schools will be closed and no success in online teaching, we realised going back home is our best bet at the moment.

With that being said our parents then raised money for our return flights to go back home. As we prepare to return to South Africa flights are ridiculously expensive. We hope to raise only $1000 not $3000 anymore, it would be of great help if it could be achieved by 22/03/2020 to aid in the traveling expenses. Your messages and comments are well received and we thank you. May you be Blessed 😊❤

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Update posted by Xola Kubheka On Mar 18, 2020

You changed our lives! ❤

The positive response from everyone has given us hope and direction. After speaking to so many others in a similar situation we realised that we are not alone, there are worse situations than ours. It is a sad and heart breaking reality for every Expat Teacher in Vietnam. We send our love and prayers to them too. To everyone donating to this cause, YOU ARE ALL SOLDIERS OF CHANGE!

Yes, things are looking up!!! Where to from here?

1stly after we received advice that it is illegal for your employer to keep your passport and original certificates. We took the advice and went to our Manager and ask for our documents to be returned. Unfortunately it was a fight, tempers were high and threats thrown. By the Grace of God, we walked out with our documents and a possible solution. Unfortunately, they said they cannot offer any financial assistance or accommodation at this moment. They did however, promise to help us get at least online teaching classes by next week. 😊

2ndly, we have been actively looking for cheap accommodation around Can Tho, hopeful that the locals will not send us away due to our nationality. If we rich the $1000 mark by Friday we will have enough for rent and a 1 month deposit payment. While some of the Donations will take 7 days to clear, those made by PayPal are immediately available and we are happy to say that by the rate things are going we should have a new home by Friday. 😊❤👏 our children will have a proper meal today, your efforts are not in vain. We really appreciate the donations. Y'all are amazing!

3rdly, Some people have asked for our Vietnamese bank account details, we will update offline donation amounts as soon as we receive bank notifications.

Lastly, we truly are grateful for your help. Also if you can refer us to any platform to get work we are ready to serve. Thank you So much. Love and Light to your families as well, because you have really been a Blessing to ours. ❤❤


Go to a pagoda for free food & accommodation.

Scott Edlund

Update posted by Mar 19

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Update posted by Xola Kubheka On Mar 17, 2020

We are grateful and humbled by this humanitarian deed. We were not expecting anything today. #ThankYou Annonimous


As the Kubheka Family, we are grateful for your acts of kindness during our darkest hour. May Jehovah Bless you all.

Xola Kubheka

Update posted by Mar 17

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