Updates on Please help my little small family pass through this crisis

Update posted by Lim Sabrina On Feb 26, 2020

Please help me. I'm a single parent with 2 kids. I was retrenched in Dec 2019. I started to find a job to support my children but to no avail. Therefore I had no choice but to try driving as a private hirer. Times are very bad now. And it's very hard to have any business probably due to the economy crisis now. I drive for 12 hrs a day and didn't even managed to earn 150 bucks a day. Bills are piling up and there's no way I cam ask help fr anyone.. My daughter is in her last semester of diploma. We did not managed to get a bank loan for her studies . And we have to pay by cash. Due date is up and we need to settle the fees asap... I have no other ways only can work n work. Please kindly help us.. I don't even have any time left for my kids now. My second kid is only in his primary six.. Long way to go.. Any kind souls can please help me...

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