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Update posted by Andrey Astakhov On Jan 23, 2020

When all is going well you feel yourself in the stream of life, set goals, dream, achieve. So it’s very interesting, how everything changes when something goes wrong... From the moment my diagnosis has been confirmed, I feel only loneliness, cold and desire to survive. No other feelings. Perhaps this comes from primitive times, when a human was left alone on the verge of death.

Okay ... this is just couple of thoughts in my head.. I will continue sending letters to the companies from the Inc. list hoping that someone will respond...

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Update posted by Andrey Astakhov On Jan 21, 2020

The first mailing attempts ended in nothing. I sent about 30 mails to US companies from Inc.com list. Unfortunately zero answers so far. Probably if someone helped me with a selfie, things would go faster :)

After this day my body temperature rose and for the next 2 days I just lay on my bed. It was difficult to get up, delusional dreams with nightmares, runny nose and cough. The temperature interfered with thinking, thoughts were confused. But now I fell much better and tomorrow will continue the mailing. I hope someone helps or at least answers with kind words.

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