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Update posted by Chanelle Ferreira On Dec 30, 2019

Hi everyone!WOW!Thank you to the kind hearts who already donated funds for little Zian and for the most beautiful words and prayers!😭😭 I saw Zian about 2 weeks ago and had a very long conversation with Mommy Marlize.From the day I met Zian I kept on thinking on how much he impacted my life and how quickly I 'grew to love him'.After talking to Mommy I realized just how much they love them and how much they have to sacrifice and deal with since Zian started getting sick.It broke my heart in a 1000 little pieces to hear that Zian struggles to take his heart medication(babies NEVER like that too much)and how much Mommy needs to put in to make sure he takes it,regulate his heartbeat because a HEART ATTACK on his age is possible!(SCARY)!

I've also realized just how much it affects his older sister,who doesn't understand yet that she is LOVED regardless of the love that Zian gets.She feels unloved when Mommy tells her that she shouldn't be in contact with Zian when she's sick,due to his low immune system.How heartbreaking is that?

They visited the Xmas Decorated House in Brits a few days ago and they being together was the biggest Xmas gift ever.Everyday that Zian wakes up is a blessing,no matter what!

Please keep on supporring this beautiful family and spread the word of little Zian.He's meant to touch so many hearts and lives.Behind pain,there is power and a purpose,and I know God's purpose for Zian's life are even bigger than we could ever imagine!

Zian will be admitted to hospital on the 21st on January 2020 as he'll be operated on 23rd of January and 2 days are put aside for prepping etc.Sometimes a small gift goes a very long way and little gifts/cards are more than welcome if money isn't the way you wanna go.Please enquire more about delivery addresses,etc at

[email protected]

Until next time!

P.s A few nice pictures are uploaded to his funding page today.

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