Updates on Help build a new shelter for rescue cats in Okinawa

Update posted by Cherubims Animal Garden On Feb 04, 2020

The new shelter is much larger than our initial plan and the total cost of construction exceeded our initial estimate. In addition to to our initial plan, we added an additional container house for cats with medical needs, built a separate storage space and also made room for a small office space which is used by the staff for administrative tasks. We also installed shelves, wooden ledges and other furniture and installed water outlets and drainage to help keep the shelter clean. These costs were also not included in our initial estimate. In order to cover these extra costs we need to raise our targeted donation amount. We thank you in advance for your donation to help make life better for rescued cats.

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Update posted by Cherubims Animal Garden On Feb 01, 2020

Most of the shelter construction has been completed and some of the cats have already moved in!!! We ended up constructing a shelter that was larger than we originally planned. We now have a separate area for cats who are sick and need to be isolated, a storage area, and a small office which can be used by staff.

We are deeply thankful to all the donors for your generous support which made the new shelter possible.

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Update posted by Cherubims Animal Garden On Jan 13, 2020

The shelter construction is progressing rapidly. The used shipping container and a pre-fabricated house were delivered and installed at the location. We will now begin construction of the fenced area.

We still needs funds to complete the construction and to install electricity and water for the new shelter. So please donate if you can.

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Update posted by Cherubims Animal Garden On Jan 08, 2020

We have broken ground on the new cat shelter. Volunteers helped us clear the grounds and the foundation for the shelter has already been laid down. We now plan to install three pre-fabricated houses as follows:

House 1 (Large sized): Will house around 80 cats that are FIV positive. They will have a sheltered area and a fenced space outside to roam freely.

House 2 (Medium sized): Will house around 30 newly-rescued cats.

House 3 (Small sized): Will be used to quarantine cats that are sick till they recover

Thank you to all the donors for their support. We are still in need of funds to complete the project so please donate and spread the word if possible.

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