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Update posted by Radiant Group On Feb 24, 2020

We greatly appreciate your support for the Galilee Awakening. We believe that NOW IS THE TIME for a GREAT AWAKENING! We see the signs all around us. If you read Matthew 24 you can see that the signs that Yeshua talked about are happening quickly and increasing. The spiritual warfare is intense and there are many challenges in the world today. Our family of believers around the world are fighting and holding on. Many are oppressed and facing trials of many kinds, but we are of good cheer because Yeshua overcame the world and OUR GOD is GREATER!

Adonai Tzevaot ( The God of Armies ) wants to be glorified in this hour. It is our strong belief that this is the season that The Lord will show up in a mighty way. He is getting ready to pour out His spirit in a new way and show us His glory! We have prepared a place that He can do this in the Galilee Awakening. And this is what we need - More of His presence.

We need your support to make this happen. Stand with us and sow financially into this gathering. We greatly appreciate it, but more importantly - You are doing this for The King to Advance His Kingdom here on Earth.

Many blessings,

Gilad Rosinger

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