Updates on Tragedy Strikes Family

Update posted by Stacey Mallory On Jan 15, 2020

The Johnson's are still trying to get some type of used mobile home etc. If you haven't already, please share this post so we can try to raise money for this family. It may seem like a lot of money, but it is not nearly enough (as we have found out) to start your entire life over starting with a home. Your help is appreciated as this family is running into all kinds of red tape and not able to get help from many of the organizations we all know well and contribute to. It's interesting to see this as I thought the VA, Salvation Army, etc. where there to help, but it is not the case. The Johnson's were told by the VA that they could not get a loan for a new home until they had a dwelling. Getting a loan to get a dwelling *home* was the entire point! Other places don't 'serve' this county as the occupants don't put as much money into the organizations that typically help. Every penny counts to help this family. They are not asking for a mansion. :/

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Update posted by Stacey Mallory On Nov 22, 2019

The Johnson's have gotten some basic needs met and a few outfits. Still no heat or good leads to a new home. We are still working on it. It's unfortunate so many people are in need and it didn't help that some service won't help because our county doesn't donate to the bigger city near us that helps. Kimmy & Robert do want to thank everyone who is helping or giving us leads to follow up on. There is still a lot to do.

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