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Update posted by Mandy A On Nov 11, 2019

The previous week has been such an eventful and trying time for us and after almost a week of delay, Papa's chemo finally pushed through yesterday (10 Nov).

Your continuous prayers are sincerely appreciated.

*Latest pics uploaded*


Amanda (Tino's eldest)

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Update posted by Amanda A On Oct 31, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all your help.

Just want to keep you posted on Papa's (Tino) status...

Tino celebrated his 60th birthday ~yes, he is officially a senior citizen :)~ last 13 Sept. Blessedly, he was strong enough to be able to enjoy his birthday celebration with family & friends and for that, we will eternally be grateful to God!

He had several chemo sessions from the time that I started this campaign a few months ago, and from his STAGE IV cancer being diagnosed to have metastasized to his liver, has now gone back to his colon/intestines...

His stomach is bloated due to water retention and hardly has appetite to eat.

He was rushed to the hospital last Monday due to severe pain on his stomach. Although he has been discharged yesterday, his oncologist recommended that he be admitted back to the hospital the soonest time possible for more chemo sessions (with STRONGER MEDS), otherwise the very aggressive cancer cells may altogether block his intestines, making him unable to defecate and release toxins from his body.

We request that you help us pray for Papa's health to improve and your financial aid, though not required, will be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED by our family.

Thank you in advance and I'll post additional pictures when I can.


Amanda (Tino's eldest)

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