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Update posted by Steven Baker On Nov 09, 2019

Wow. £48 away from the top stretch goal with a few days to go.

This has been an amazing response. Helping out Nene for 2 months to help her land back on her feet after a rough time.

I am going to start collecting the messages and start the process to clear the funds so after 7 Days (incase of any charge backs on card) of it ending it can go straight to Nene without delay.

Thanks Again

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Update posted by Steven Baker On Nov 01, 2019

Thanks to everyone who has supported and sent in their wishes.

We have achieved our goal and Nene will be able to pay rent and live for a month. I will keep this fundraising going as we do not know how long it could take to get everything sorted.

For a stretch goal we can keep going and maybe push for two months rent that would be fantastic.

Again thank you everyone.

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Update posted by Steven Baker On Oct 31, 2019

Thanks everyone for your support. It means a lot to everyone involved.

I am going to move the goal to £1,000 as Nene's rent is around £700 which would be a fantastic achievement. And food, drink and bills as a stretch goal would be even better.

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