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Update posted by Justin Parke On Dec 04, 2019

It has taken a long time, longer than expected to get the money in the hands of Lux, Senat and Seneat. There was no way to predict how rapidly Nov's condition was going to decline. He became increasingly worse in a short amount of time. I was able to to communicate a few hours before he passed, and he couldn't talk because his breathing was labored and restricted. He texted me that when he tried to breathe, that it felt as though his lungs were going to collapse. Nov was unable to sleep properly and had to remain upright with his arms lifted just to breathe for many weeks.

It hurts a lot to know he suffered so much in his final days, and I am sorry I wasn't able to be there with him, as my family I have just moved to Suriname in search of a better life, and of the few places that will allow Cambodians to immigrate easily. Nov and his family were my first Cambodian friends, and later became family. We lived next to door to and near to each other for many years.

I got to see Senat grow up and become a young woman, and got to be a part of Seneat's life from the very beginning. He and Lux have raised two incredible daughters, and I'm sure Nov would be glad to know they are safe, taken care of, and have a strong support network behind them. I know that Nov loved his family in the USA, and he always wished he could see them more than was possible, something I can relate after spending nine years in Cambodian without receiving one visitor. Because of this, I think that drew us together even more.

Without Nov, I wouldn't have learned to speak fluent Khmer, and without Lux I wouldn't have met Pov, my wife and the aunt of Lux. Lux "mother-turtled" us as they say in Khmer, which means basically that she set me and Pov up, thinking we would make a good couple.

Some good news to tell you, is that Lux has received the funds via a SWIFT transfer from my mother's bank account in the USA. It was a long and complicated process from Suriname, as I can't open an account here. I had to send it from PayPal to my account in the USA, and then transfer that to my Mom's account, and then she wired the money to Lux via SWIFT. This site took 10%, and there were some PayPal fees, and SWIFT charged $40, but Lux was able to receive roughly $2,869.00. She lives in a small house rent-free that her mother owns, and works a job making $100 a month, and receives all the free food she can eat, as it's a restaurant job. So, there is no rent, barely any food expenses, and her mother SreyMom helps a bit. Her situation is not dire straits, and they are hoping to get back on their feet very soon.

Lux asked me to thank all of you for what you've done, and all the love and support for Nov. You'll be missed brother Nov, so many good memories shared with this one-of-a-kind soul. Blessings to all of you.

Lots of love,

Justin, SreyPov, Sakada and Sakana

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Update posted by jan schets On Nov 01, 2019

With great pain in our hearth we inform you that Nov has passed away this morning, November 1.
He was an amazing human being and will be missed massively by his friends and family.

The money that we raised will be handed over to his wife and children to support them in these difficult times.

Rest in peace brother


My heart goes out to Nov’s family! Even though I never met Nov, his positive influence and love reached me, on the opposite side of the world! I will forever be grateful to have had him touch my life! RIP Nov. No more suffering, and no more pain. ❤️Claudia

Claudia Streeter-Bellani

Update posted by Nov 04

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Update posted by Justin Parke On Oct 24, 2019

Thank you everyone for all the support. Nov may be getting out of the hospital to stay at home in the next few days. We are still awaiting word if he is in good enough condition to leave the hospital. When or if he is, he'll be able to stay at home until he can undergo therapy and treatments for the superior vena cava syndrome.

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