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Update posted by Igor Kauric On Jan 25, 2020

I've decided to be "my own doctor". Updates can be found on the updated campaign page itself.
Once again, thank you all for your donations.. I'm still alive, hehe. Wanted to inform you that I've started using a lot of alternative "medicaments" and will be writing about everything very soon. At the moment I'm having a problem with lungs due to chemotherapy "treatment" so that's keeping me kind of busy besides unbearable private problems I'm unfortunately facing right now.

Thank you once again and thanks for all the help!

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Update posted by Igor Kauric On Nov 02, 2019

I'm finally starting the website. My personal log/blog where you'll be able to track my status and hopefully learn something new and enroll yourself in new insights.

In the start I've had trouble coming up with the name.. so I just used sanskrit word for "lasting for life" /"continuing till death".. Web address is www.amarananta.org.
I'm currently working on the design and writing first blog post. You will be notified by e-mail (sorry for spam:)) when I actually launch the website iteself.


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Update posted by Igor Kauric On Sep 21, 2019

I just started AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. If you have any questions just drop them here:

and I'll gladly respond to all your questions during the weekend.

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Update posted by Igor Kauric On Sep 20, 2019

In my short life I've been lucky enough to be blessed with lots of lessons to learn so finally I can start sharing my knowledge, experiences and thoughts with those who are interested in new cognitions. I will be writing about my researches on western medicine, alternative medicine, survival, DIY, spirituality etc.

I've asked for a donation from my favorite hosting company today and if they won't be able to provide the domain and hosting my fund manager Ivana will gladly sponsor it (thank you!!). All backers will get notification via e-mail (sorry for the potential spam! :/) once when the website is online.

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Update posted by Igor Kauric On Sep 18, 2019

Budući da Hrvati i naši susjedi još uvijek imaju problem sa PayPalom, ljubazno molim da uplate vršite putem bankonvnog računa:

Raiffeisen bank
Ivana Salopek

Ukoliko imate dodatnih pitanja/trebate pomoć kontaktirajte me putem e-mail adrese: [email protected]


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