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Update posted by James Ouma On Sep 08, 2019

When seventeen-year-old Teddy Ochung came to YCTC one year ago, he didn’t talk to his parents or friends, and his father feared he never would get out of prison. Thanks to you, today Teddy is back home with his family.

Help Lifesong Kenya reintegrate more male teens with their families by supporting our cycling fundraiser with any amount of your choice https://gogetfunding.com/half-way-cycle-2019/

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Update posted by James Ouma On Sep 06, 2019

Yesterday, we graduated boys from our ICT class. Lifesong Kenya has been one of the most consistent projects at Kamiti Youth Corrective Training Centre. Despite their challenges they have been reliable. They have so far managed to train and graduated many boys..

By supporting our Half Way Cycle, you'll enable us to provide the important training, healing and reconciliation that our boys need before they exit prison and reintegrate back to their families and their communities.

Kennedy's Testimonial.

I am now able to operate a computer. I can type well, design business cards and attend to a customer’s needs. The computer class has enabled me to learn how to acquire new skills that I did not have before I came here.

Just like formatting a computer, I now have a new MS Mind and able to think of positive things I can do with my life. I am happy that when I will be going back home, I will be having new skills that I can use to better my life. I am grateful to Lifesong Kenya for teaching me how to use a computer. May God continue to bless you.


I am grateful for this day. We have been in this class for the past 4 months. This hasn't been just about computers alone. We have learned life skills and developed our character. I am able to use computers and have the skills I need to stop engaging in bad things.

I am able to communicate well. I can design business cards, posters and other computer operations.

I hope that all of us will be better people when we leave this place. When I go back to school, I will be able to teach others how to operate a computer.


When you support our Half Way Cycle event, you empower us to have more impact on present and future generations of boys and young men. Support us today

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Update posted by James Ouma On Sep 01, 2019

On December 12th 2019, I will be cycling together with other team of cyclists. Our cycling event will start from Nairobi and end beyond the shores of Lake Victoria. This will be the second time we will be cycling to raise awareness about our Restorative Justice Program and funds for our work.

Fundraising proceeds will directly support Lifesong Kenya's program. that help juvenile offenders exit prison with employable skills.We cannot do this alone and need your help, participation and support.

You can join as a cyclist, event planner, fundraiser and support crew. Start supporting now and share as widely as possible.


Half Way Cycle 2019 Prep Day 33 (of 133) Last month, I only managed to cycle 9 times and failed to keep up with my preparation for this year’s Half Way Cycle event that will kick off on December 12, 2019. I’ve been caught up with our prison REAM Program. Much as I felt bad not cycling, I am also glad I helped settle our incoming class of 13 boys into our program. This is the sole reason why I am cycling, by the way. Distance: 70.45km Duration: 3:43:41 Elevation: 739m

James Ouma

Update posted by Sep 03


Awesome! Gearing up for the ride!

Edward Mbogo

Update posted by Sep 02

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