Updates on Help Arlene Fight Cancer

Update posted by Aireen Paula Lacap On Aug 30, 2019

CT scan and bone scan results came out. The cancer has metastasized to her kidney, liver, and left hip, but mom will hopefully be undergoing chemotherapy if her liver function tests are normal. She's still in a lot of pain, usually on her jaw and left hip. We went to visit the pain doctor, too, for her pain meds prescription. On the brighter side, we had fun "racing" with her wheelchair at the long hospital hallways.

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Update posted by Aireen Paula Lacap On Aug 17, 2019

Results will be released next week. Mom is still experiencing pain on her jaw and left leg. She is on round-the-clock pain relievers. Today is her birthday and her friends are here to throw her a mini party. :)

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Update posted by Aireen Paula Lacap On Aug 16, 2019

Mom will have to undergo more or less (hopefully less) 25 sessions of radiotherapy targeting the mandibular mass. Hopefully, it will decrease the pain and numbness on her face. Planning for the treatment will be on September 6, and hopefully (for the nth time) the sessions will go on smoothly.

I don't know how to thank you all enough, for helping with provisions, and for keeping us in your thoughts. These are really trying times, but we have a lot of people and moments to be thankful for.

- Aireen

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