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Update posted by Davin Nadal On Jun 21, 2019

It's been 11 days and counting since baby Sky had her 1st major surgery of her life and we are very thankful to everyone who keep on supporting and praying for her fast recovery.

Our baby Sky is still in NICU but showed us a great improvement while recovering. Her oxygen support level were lowered down to 25%. Doctors' goal were to reach 20% to take off her oxygen support to breath all by herself.

She's currently consuming 36ml of breast milk every 3 hours. Sky is our hope, love, inspiration and our life...

We are still knocking on your humble doors if you have time to pray for baby Sky's fast recovery. Financial assistance are of greatly appreciated as we are still in deep agony as to how we are going to raise almost 1.5M bill.


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Update posted by Davin Nadal On Jun 12, 2019

For those who prayed and who shared to help baby Skylar... The surgery last June 10, took 3 and 1/2 hours to complete the repair. Her heartbeat stoped in the middle of the procedure due to some air exposure, but the doctors were able to sucked the air out of her heart. Baby Skylar is fighting with us...

With all of our collective prayers, the surgery completed successfully. 😊❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

If she can only extend her thanks to everyone now, probably when she gets older... Thank you God for touching our friends heart to help and pray, its not the end of her journey yet...

She's back in Neonatal ICU for recovery. Please continue to pray for baby sky.

We have tried asking possibilities from PCSO but we were advised that they have no funds for private hospital.

I am just wondering, because its not the family's choice to have her treatment in St. Lukes. It was an EMERGENCY TRANSFER as baby Skylar requires immediate treatment. 😥😔😔 And St. Lukes happens to be the only hospital to accept her as the other hospitals were not available.

We are calling out if you know someone from PCSO and DSWD that we can talk to for help.

We are still appealing for your help and assistance, our whole family is still in agony as to where we could get or produce our running bill of 257k running bill dated June 10 plus the recovery period and doctors fee.

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Update posted by Davin Nadal On Jun 10, 2019

Pray with me... I'm lifting everything up to our ALMIGHTY GOD.

God our Father, All powerful, Almighty and merciful God. You are the giver of life. Oh merciful father, restore the health of baby Skylar that she may live many more years to know you, serve you on this earthly plain.

Let this child be a blessing and a miracle for others to know that when we call upon you, that you hear our prayer and answer us. Restore her health, give her strength and will and help her live a normal healthy life, Let baby Sky be your miracle a gift to us and a reminder of you unconditional love and mercy.

Amen ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

Sky's update:

Her surgery was rescheduled at 5pm today, June 10, 2019. Please keep on praying and sharing.

We were informed by the Head of Billing Department that they will accept how much money we have for the meantime without interrupting baby Sky's medical treatment. The officer who we initially spoke with was reprimanded.

Thank you for your continuos prayers, donation and sharing. As of today, we have collected a total of 69k pesos.

*23,200 php were collected from credit card and Paypal which we can only withdraw after 60 days as per Paypal's rule.

*39,055 php were collected from bank transfers and GCash. Good as cash.

We have already made a payment amounting to 50k php to lessen the bill.

Running bill is at 257k pesos.

Salamat po from NADAL and Lopez Family.


For those who would like to donate, please click "READ MORE" on the campaign original description post.




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Update posted by Davin Nadal On Jun 09, 2019

Baby Skylar's heart is now stable according to her doctors after some procedures done yesterday... ❤️🙏.

She's scheduled for operation tomorrow at 1PM.

Despite some hospital billing collection's advised that her surgery might be reschedule or postpone if we will not be able to pay for at least half of the running bill amounting to 237k pesos.

We are still doing all our best to come up with the needed finances before 1PM tom.


Description of preparation and surgery:

Before the surgery is done, nearly all infants need a breathing device to improve their oxygen levels.

The surgery is done while your child is under general anesthesia (asleep and not able to feel pain). The surgeon usually makes a cut (incision) in the belly under the upper ribs. This allows the organs in the area to be reached. The surgeon gently pulls these organs down into place through the opening in the diaphragm and into the abdominal cavity.

In less severe cases, the surgery can be done using smaller incisions in the chest. A small video camera called a thoracoscope is placed through one of the incisions. This allows the surgeon to view inside the chest. Instruments to repair the hole in the diaphragm are placed through the other incisions.

In either type of operation, the surgeon repairs the hole in the diaphragm. If the hole is small, it may be repaired with stitches. Or, a piece of plastic patch is used to cover the hole.

Resource from Medline Plus website.

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