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Update posted by Muoy You On Sep 18, 2019

25th August 2019, at Phnom Penh airport, Channeath, Lakhena, Srey Mich and Srey Pich on their way to India.

Arriving past midnight, they were met by Mrs. Latha Rao, the Director of the school. Since then I had not had much news from them except to hear the weather was much cooler than back home, that they walked to school which is a change from home as well where they had to ride a motorbike to go a few hundred meters, fingers were eating tools, shops and markets full of men and no women. They find Indian people nice and helpful. I bet they are -how many school directors would go pick the students at the airport in the middle of the night? The only thing is wifi. It is not as prevalent as in Cambodia. They can't get a Sim card and wifi at their place is rationed. Mrs. Latha has nothing but praise for our girls. They make us proud. Nearly a month is passed. Still nine months to go. We miss them and can't wait to see them back.

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Update posted by Muoy You On May 12, 2019

Last Saturday 4th May was a special day at our school. Hydro 6 from Singapore donated an impressive water filtration machine, the first one in Cambodia. Not only does it filter and purify water but also added precious minerals and ozone into the water and turned it alkaline. The result is a healthy, delicious water that the children can and do enjoy. To make the event even more memorable and double the benefits, Hydro6 also donated beautiful water bottles that our children now proudly carry around with them. No more disposable plastic bottles littered everywhere any more! What a relief!

The hand over ceremony went well with parents, friends and VIPs attending. A curry lunch was served to all - so delicious that the Hydro6 representatives from Singapore said it was the most delicious curry they had eaten and next time we have another curry party let them know, they would fly to join in! Wow, what a compliment! Forgot to mention, they also donated 100 wicker chairs for the children. Now there are enough chairs for all of them to sit on. I feel so proud and privileged that our school is the beneficiary of such generosity. Hydro6 embraces our vision. We want the best for our children. They give us the best. They help us get the best for our children. They said it was precisely because of this vision and strive for the best that they helped.

Our fundraiser to send Channeath to a Montessori training is in line with this vision. Why Montessori? Because it's the best approach in teaching the children. I talk from the height of my half a century experience in education in different education systems throughout the world. Two weeks into the campaign we've raised $2090, 7% of the target. It's still a long way. I hope more people will hear our appeal and step in to help us provide the best education to the children. Montessori should not be accessible only to privileged children.

Thank you.


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