Update posted by Melissa Titus On Oct 23, 2019

This has indeed been the most challenging and overwhelming season of my life and I cannot say thank you enough to each and everyone who have been sowing seed to support me on this journey.

I thank my Heavenly Father who has given me various platforms to share my story with people. I have seen many hearts inspired, lives healed and made life long friendship in the process.

I am now on the second phase of my treatment post op and remain positive that I m coming out of this process a TESTIMONY to the Glory of God. God has been so deeply entwined in my journey that I cannot doubt His love or faithfulness to be with us through our darkest moments and hold our hands till we submerge from the places of trauma and illness through His healing and grace.

I continue to share in order to pour out the HOPE & FAITH in my spirit and uplift the broken-hearted.

Your seed enables me to be more effective as I focus less on my bills and more on what God is wanting to do through me and my family.

We are more than overcommers!

Thank you for your support


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