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Update posted by Magreth Fundisha On Apr 27, 2019

may go back to the title. I'm struggling to get my sister fees for university. We are only 2 of us. We don't have a mother or a father to help and support us in anything. We help each other in any way we could. Now I have to help her with the fees that is a larger money and I don't afford it. Please help her achieve her degree. May God bless you who have support me and all the viewer's.

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Update posted by Magreth Fundisha On Apr 07, 2019

I am grateful to this sight. I have raised $150 from viewers in cash. I thank you for the support


I have paid a little amount of my sister fee. I am thankful to the donors who donated. I appreciate your support on this.now I only need US $ 1,850 to clear her fees

Magreth Fundisha

Update posted by Apr 12

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