Updates on safe a life

Update posted by Richard Gomes On Mar 03, 2019

hi all, I am here coming for help. I need help to safe my family from the tribulation. we are facing a lots of problem in my family. I have two brothers and two sister. my family runs in my own income and I can't support properly in my family.

my one brother is in class nine and I can not provide his tuition fees. I am in BBA 3rd year and I can not continue my study. my two sisters has been married.

But I want to study and I want to be more than a educated person. And also I want to make my brother more educated person.

My father had died in and unexpected heart attack. Now I have no way to do something and support my family.

I am a Roman Catholic Christian and my family too. I need a lots of money to be establish and support my family.

I hear that some of donate money those who need.

I believe in God the father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ his only son our Lord..... In that faithfulness I have come here to take help.


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