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Update posted by Dayana Yusoff On Mar 16, 2019

On 2nd march, we had met DR Rajkumar, the GI surgeon for the surgery procedure. He had explain that before undergo the surgey, we need to do 3 tests.

Manometry: Measure the strength and muacle coordination of esophagus.

Endoscopy: examine digestive tract

24 hour pH: measure pH amount flow into esophagus.

Today my husband had undergo manometry procedure,and endoscope. During endoscope procedure, doctor had found that his ulser getting worse resulting no 24 hour ph can be perform. pH monitoring need to anchor a recorded to the wall but due to severe ulser it cannot be performed.

Doctor also mention that since the stomach tube (2 to 4 cm) are not there, hence the stomach need to be cut in order to have the tube. This procedure had incur an additional cost of RM10k to RM15k from original cost quote.

below is the doctor scratch explanining on the surgery procedure.

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