Updates on Monastic building

Update posted by Franciskus Urban Sylvan On Feb 04, 2019

Writings about the campaign:

"How were monasteries funded in the middle ages? Well, by labour and donations. It was considered important to have a monastery close by because it provided standards, holiness, knowledge and civilization. Not to mention the rise of healthcare, medicine and other academic faculties and welfare. So, people cherished and valued the presence of monks and nuns."

Please find the rest of the article here: https://gammal-katolsk.org/2019/02/02/finding-mona...

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Update posted by Franciskus Urban Sylvan On Feb 02, 2019

During last week we received two invitations. One is to actually go to England to tell about the Priory and the work and mission we do here in Karlskrona (Sweden). Another is to write an article on the same topic for a paper in Germany.

It is a great joy to have supporters and friends around the world. And this is also a proof of recognition. So grateful! On the picture taken in conjunction with the inauguration of the Priory in December, you find monks, oblates and friends from England, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

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