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Update posted by Joe Rosenberger On Feb 22, 2019

Thank you to those who have recently supported the campaign! The first interview is done and next up I'll have a sports psychologist and a couple dudes with missing chins who are on a relay team in a race across the state of Florida.

I found the first Festival I'll be submitting to, which meant the production time is going to be shortened to have the film done by the end of June to meet the last deadline for submission. The festival itself is in Australia, but so closely met what I am doing with the story that I could not pass up the opportunity to be a part of the event! Information about this one is here on FilmFreeway: https://filmfreeway.com/runnationfilmfestival .

thank you, thank you, thank you!


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Update posted by Joe Rosenberger On Feb 15, 2019

Hello all!

Today ... the interviews start. Production is getting underway and you all have already helped in getting a couple pieces of needed equipment for the shoots. Especially since they will largely be done where our subjects feel most comfortable.

I've added the first promo video .. and as I get more content, I can add some little peeks into the interviews. I'm very excited to have also made contact with some inspiring athletes in the Special Olympics who I will be with at the end of March and into April.

It's all happening and I very much appreciate your support ... with that said ... SHARE SHARE SHARE!!

Thank you all,


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Update posted by Joe Rosenberger On Jan 25, 2019

Because I really appreciate the support, I decided today that all donations will receive a DVD copy of the film once produced! If you've already given, and would like the DVD copy, please send me an email at [email protected] with your shipping address.

All other awards are the same with Sponsors, Producers, and Executive Producers!

Each and every one of you totally rock!


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Update posted by Joe Rosenberger On Jan 18, 2019

Hello all and THANK YOU for the support in this production! I'm just 10 days out (well, alright I guess it just crossed midnight, so 9 days) from completing my first 50k Ultra. In the meantime, I'm starting to set up my first interviews in production and the story will soon take shape.

Thank you again ... and I truly hope you all find this as interesting and inspiring as I do.


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Update posted by Joe Rosenberger On Jan 17, 2019

Well ... just 11 more days until I take on 50 kilometers for the first time. And then the fun starts getting interviews done, watching races be created, and speaking to folks from different perspectives.

Over the coming months, this documentary will be taking shape, the real story will be revealed, and then an actual title for the film will emerge.

Quite possibly along the way, my own 'why' (or whys) emerge as well. thank you for being a part of this journey!

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