Updates on I Treatment my little sister please help us

Update posted by Md Fahim On Jan 11, 2019

hlw hey every one how are i hope all man and women well and i pay all of us

I know our world is so soft and well there are a lote o people here and they is hones and rich parson on there god give him

But i am so poor parson my family is so poor my father is just like a street hooker . So we ar not a rich family my father all day works and and return at night and some food and other thing We have do note extra money for next day we buy the food and other thing

I have a two brother and one sister Now at this time

My litte sister has a big problem and day by day this problem is to big and painful of my sister thr doctor said his left kedney is damage as soon as this is change naw the doctors said the left kidney transplant and hospitel booking room and other cost total 6500doller Cost normally

But every honest parson just blv me we ar so poor my father no manage this money becouse there are a lots of mony

Thets why we have to no choice any honest and kindness parson help my sister my sister condition is so bad please help us i blv it theare are so kindness parson in the world please help my sister and my family please


22januray we are manage mony my sister treatment started please help us we are have no option please sir madam help us

Md Fahim

Update posted by Jan 11

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