Updates on Help Ivan to fight Sarcoidosis and Support his Family

Update posted by Greg Bews On Feb 07, 2019

Thank you to all who have continued to donate to the cause. Every little bit helps tremendously and I know that Ivan, Caroline and the girls are reaping great benefit from everyone's generosity. More importantly, their house is now starting to take shape, although with some way to go, but as Ivan puts it, it is becoming a house they can all be proud of. Pictures below.

Please continue to share the details of the website wihtin your network. Thanks again.

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Update posted by Greg Bews On Jan 22, 2019

Two weeks in and thrilled to announce that an anonymous donor has already commenced renovation work on the house for Ivan and the family. This has been an awsome gift for them and will go along way to providing some comfort and relief.

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Update posted by Greg Bews On Jan 16, 2019

Thank you to everyone who contributed during this first week of the campaign. We have achieved a great result so far, but still a way to go. The funds will go a long way to addressing the ongoing medical requirements for Ivan. Aside from the financial support, there have also been contributions in other forms,by way of support with groceries for the household - thank you to those who contributed. We are also hoping to benefit from other non-financial, but significant, contributions in the near term and will keep you all posted accordingly.

Please remember to share the site with your own network so that we may extend our reach.

Thanks again!!

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