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Update posted by Andre Jankowitz On Feb 24, 2019

We have just reached 50% funded and are now on the home stretch. Well done Tsewang, you Rock!


To all the humaneness, I am very grateful for your support and joining my journey. Nothing is greater than getting an education and pursuing my dream in my life. I am very blessed and your generous deeds will pay off when I become an independent and reach my dream. Best Regards, Tsewang

tsewang lama

Update posted by Mar 10


Wow, we have just passed the 75% mark. Thank you to everyone for your kind generosity. You’re all Awesome. With just 8 days to go, please join me in one last push to reach the target.

Andre Jankowitz

Update posted by Mar 09

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Update posted by Andre Jankowitz On Feb 02, 2019

Well done and congratulations on being accepted by the University of Amsterdam's to study Sports Management and Marketing. This is awesome news, I'm so very proud of you.

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Update posted by Andre Jankowitz On Jan 23, 2019

This young woman oozes with passion and ambition. She's overcome incredible odds, having grown up in the Tibetan mountains and is currently living and studying in Switzerland!

Her dream is to study Sports and Marketing Management, so as to be able to empower women through sport.

Read about her amazing journey and join me in helping her realise her dream.

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