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Update posted by Sabir Hossain On Oct 26, 2018

I am a student. I will go to class 10 and I will be able to continue my studies if I get the money for the study. Tell us how difficult it is to feed our food to our big family of 7 brothers? I'd like help from you to ask for your study and repair the broken house. I am a physically challenged person. Problems from my left leg. I can not do heavy things due to my foot problems. That's the bad side of it. I do not lie in the words One day all of us have to die. Our help can help us go ahead. People are just for the people. For life's sake The goal of my life is to be highly educated and to eliminate poverty. Walk ahead for me. If you get the money, you can repair the cost of the study and repair the house. I've got pictures of my feet, book pictures, pictures of broken rooms, and I hope you can help.

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