Updates on Please help save the life of my mom

Update posted by John Labadan On Oct 21, 2018

Hi guys! Thanks again for supporting! We just went from the hospital to visit and buy the medicines for mom. Actually almost every day we are spending 200 dollars just fort her medicines alone, but we are pretty amazed to on how we able to sustain the needs knowing that we are really tight in budget. However, you made this possible. Because of your help we able to pay somehow the expenses. Thanks guys. By the way, we were met by her doctor and told us that she is still in a critical state but shows little improvement. Her dose of oxygen supply goes to 50 from 100. From 3 types medicines for blood pressure to 2 only. Although it is a little step forward, we will take that. Jusy wait for the next update guys. Please let's continue to pray.. God bless!

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