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Update posted by Corretta Singer On Oct 15, 2018

Thanks so much to everyone for supporting me and this campaign to get me back up and running!
I cannot say how much I appreciate each and every donation.
I will be posting video updates shortly on the parts and the amount of money spent.
The last of the parts should come in tomorrow and I will have to pay the import duties on those. I WILL be keeping everyone posted with the progress, as well as keeping in touch with those who picked up the rewards tier.
Thank you again, one and all. Much love to you!! <3 <3 <3

Update posted by Corretta Singer On Oct 02, 2018

So the first three parts have arrived! The motherboard, Processor and Case are here! Three more parts (technically four, if you count the thermal paste) have been ordered: The Memory, Aftermarket cooling fan and Graphic Card, will be on the way shortly. Two more parts to go!
But wait! I heard you say: Isn't the crowdfunding still going on? Yes, yes it is...The great thing with this funding platform, is that money goes directly into your Paypal, once you get the money, you can spend it. So once I receive enough money, I can get the parts.

So how much has been spent exactly?
As of this post my campaign has made US$1,711
This first set of three parts cost me US$690.75
The next shipment of parts is: US$795.79
With US$ 57.26 left in my Paypal as of now.
That means I have received a total of: US$1,543.60
So where is the other US$167.40?
Well those are the fees for the platform and anything Paypal may take.

The other hurdle to clear here is Customs and Import duties. Those are NOT factored into my Campaign Goal and I will have to try and find extra assistance to clear the last of the parts when they come in. This is why anything helps.

I am lucky that a family member offered to assist me with funds to clear these first three parts...To clear these first three parts, it cost a total of US$263.66 or roughly $37,000 Jamaican dollars.
I will have no idea how much the next few parts will cost to clear until they get here.
This is the reality of living on an island...and some of the challenges that are faced by the creative people that depend on this equipment to survive.
The two parts left to get are the hard drives and power supply unit. Any extra funding will go to clearing the parts through customs here.

I cannot thank you all enough! I appreciate each and every one of you! Every donation means a lot. I can't wait to be up and running again!