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Update posted by Glenn Monaghan On Feb 16, 2019


With 3 days left, you can follow all the action by following the link. This will let everyone track all the runners during the race.

Thanks for all the support everyone.

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Update posted by Glenn Monaghan On Jan 18, 2019

It breaks our heart to now know for sure, that this amazing lady is the next to be affected be this awful illness Dementia........

How most of you all know I decided to run a 161km trail run in September 2018 & a 350km trail run in February 20th 2019 for Tony Reynolds my amazing father in law. To help raise much need funds for Alzheimer's Donegal and Alzheimer's WA, today thanks to everyone we've raised just over $4500

At the time we started this, we'd no idea of what was to come. I thought the biggest challenge would be the training and the recovery from the 100miler then continue to train for the 350km......How wrong was I.

Now for any family to have a parent with Dementia is tough, it feels like the world has kicked you in the nuts...it puts huge stress on all the family members, having to watch someone you love deeply slipping away bit by bit and then care for that family member in our case Tony. I know for sure the toughest decision the Reynolds family had to make was to decide to put Tony in full time care early last year.

So try and rap your head around then seeing the same thing happening to your mother a few months later....... in late November Edna Reynolds started showing signs that things where not quit right. Becoming slightly confused, led to becoming more and more confused, led to weeks in hospitals, test after test, not eating right, more tests.

NOW place yourself in the family shoes, being told it's a form of Dementia your mother has........ imagine hoping and praying the doctors have it wrong, this can't happen to us again, how are we going to manage.... Dementia is a cruel, nasty disease and like most diseases it doesn't care if you've money, if other family members have it. It just sweeps in ripping worlds apart, causing all type of challenges for the family members.

I've witnessed the strength of will the Reynolds family have at first hand. I know how devastated they all are, how they took very little time to feel sorry for themselves and just got on with the unfortunate hand they been dealt. I take great strength for their strength, I'm proud to be part of their awesome family.

They asked me to share their story in hope of raising as much funds as possible, to help the families living with Dementia and hopefully find a way of stopping this disease in the future. It's now the 2nd highest killer in Australia and most other countries.

So in 5 weeks I'll start a 350km trail run, (that's the same as running from Malin head to Wicklow or Perth to Northcliffe near Denmark) with over 10km of climbing, in the Australian summer, watching out for everything that can possible kill a person in the bush.

I've no idea how I'll manage this, I know there'll be tears along the way, suffering that will go on and on, times when it's all to much, when I want to just quit...... but I know that as long as I'm still able, I'll draw on the strength the Reynolds family has shown over the Last 2 years in this fight against Dementia. That all the well wish and the messages of support and the donations of you all will see me across that finish line.

We've all just under 5 weeks to really create something special, to raise awareness and much need funds for the great cause.

Please help up spread the word far and wide, get your family and friends involved in helping with fund ideas. I know all of our friends and have already been very generous with the money, now we as you to ask your friends and family to get involved also.

Sorry for the long read..... but something's are just important.

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Update posted by Glenn Monaghan On Nov 05, 2018

Just a thank you to everyone that donated and an update for everyone on how training going. The fundraising and training has taken a blow the last few weeks to say the least. 6 weeks after the WTF 100miler and evening is still very fatigued, legs and mind. I’m trying really hard to find motivation to train while feeling tired and run down. But that’s nothing to the mental strain & the fatigue of getting up in the middle of the night to take care of someone with Dementia. The strain of watching someone you love slip further and further away, each day.

I’m looking to get a few ideas on how to kick start the fundraising again. Also if anyone knows a company that would like to support Run for Dementia please get them to get in touch. 15 weeks left to the Delirious West 200 Miler.

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Update posted by Glenn Monaghan On Sep 24, 2018

Well that hurt...... can’t walk great yesterday and today. But it was worth every painful step, we’ve raised over $3000 so far. I’ve no doubt that I’d of pulled out after 120km or so, if it wasn’t for this great cause and everyone’s amazing support. My right knee and achilles where extremely painful, every step on the uneven ground soon became unbearable. It’s at this stage I’d especially like to thank my pacers Mickey, Andy Ann who we’re amazing at keeping in moving (Sorry I wasn’t great company guys) and my totally amazing, awesome, words can’t describe the kindness she made off wife.... Louise👏👏👏👏 for driving from point to point to feed me, take care of me, tell me keep moving, help me into the car at the end, up the steps to the room.... trust me the list goes on and I think I’d the easy part of the day.

The challenge ahead is now to complete the 200 miler!!!! In February 2019. Now keep in mind I could barely walk after the 100 miler yesterday so to double it seems unlikely, some might say a streached target🤨🤨.

I know almost everyone I know has donated money at this stage (your all so kind) I’ve also no right to ask but here goes anyway..... please please please can we get a few people that have possibly been affected with Dementia or Alzheimer’s or are just awesome fundraiser to join the cause. To come up with ideas for a couple events.... I know people are busy with their lives, it’s a pain in the ass(trust me I’d a pain in the ass after 100km of rubbing) however it’s nothing to having to live with the thought off... Oh shit I’ve just been diagnosed with Dementia, the fear of losing the not only your memories of your whole life, but the fear losing your love ones faces....

$10000 is the new target..... that’s another $7000 in just over 4 months. We need your help, people and families living with Dementia need your help..... please you know you want to.

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Update posted by Glenn Monaghan On Sep 21, 2018

There goes the 3k mark.... Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Something really special is happening here and your all apart off it. Everyone’s raised over $3000 in a few weeks, with everyone’s help and ideas.... just think what we can achieve by February for Alzheimer’s WA and Ireland.

Now just to survive tomorrow’s 100 mile trail run and use it as a learning experience for 200 miler in February!!!!!

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Update posted by Glenn Monaghan On Sep 19, 2018

2 days out from the WTW 100 miler and I don’t mind saying I’m shutting it. It’s about this stage where you realise oh this is going to hurt. But seeing the continued support role in is amazing.. let’s try and break the 3k mark before the race. I’m very thankful and grateful that I don’t suffer from Dementia and will be able to remember all your support on race day, when I feel like quitting.

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Update posted by Glenn Monaghan On Sep 10, 2018

Thanks to everyone that has donated and shared the Facebook page.

Looking for volunteers to add to this campaign, that will run a few small fundraisers in the lead up to the 200 miler February

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Update posted by Glenn Monaghan On Sep 05, 2018

Funds will go to the local area's, but the same great reasons. To help support the families and the sufferers of dementia.

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