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Update posted by Erin Gourlay On Aug 05, 2018

Life is going to be hard for us this month. I will have to cut our spending somehow. I need to pay my hospital and ambulance bills.

I have to pay the rent, we have to have a place to live. I have to pay the utilities. I need electricity to run my oxygen concentrator and I need the cell phone. I have to pay for my prescriptions and they're not cheap. Our only extra is the internet, but that's my only means of socialization. We don't have cable.

The only other place I can cut spending is on food and paper products. I won't be able to afford Walmart this month.

Well, it is what it is. AND PLEASE, if you have already donated to me I wish to Thank You from the very depth of my heart and please do not look at this as begging for further donations from you. ♥♥♥♥

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Update posted by Erin Gourlay On Jul 22, 2018

Finally, I am being discharged from the home nursing visits, I will still have to take baby steps to see what ground I have lost with this last exacerbation, prayers that it's very little to none. I would like to "Thank" those that have been able to help out financially and to those that will help by sharing this with your family and friends...I have a long way to go.

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Update posted by Erin Gourlay On Jul 08, 2018

I have used the first $300 of donations but there is bills left to be paid.

I'm still under home health because the weather still has my lungs "unstable". So I'm still confined to home with limited public access unless it's a visit by immediate family, a schedule home care visit, or a doctor's appointment.

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