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Update posted by Chun Kong Mak On Aug 11, 2018

Dear All Backers,

Thank you for your donation and generosity.

As our description, we have donated 50% of it to the Friend of the Earth in UK to support global warming causes. :)


Chun Kong Mak

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Update posted by Chun Kong Mak On Jul 07, 2018

Rostislav Vitek has reached the French shore after 9hr43min tough swim fighting with the tide. 43.2km has been swum. The wind speed was only 3 knots in the beginning of the swim. The wind speed kept increasing over the way, which was not up to the weather forecast by the pilot. When reaching the French shore, the wind got 5 times stronger than before ie. 15 knots. It wasn’t possible for him to swim the way back to England unfortunately under the tough condition. Only a calm water condition over 16-20 hours can allow to complete two-way English Channel and it could happen once only every 2-3 years. The difficulty of swimming English Channel is that an appointment must be made 3-4 years in advanced and it isn't possible to have the weather predicted. This is open water swimming and weather is the first factor. It would be risky for life safety especially for the heart to swim the way back under the harsh condition. We still give high respect and admiration to this big man to complete the one-way English Channel in wavy condition.


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Update posted by Chun Kong Mak On Jul 03, 2018

This morning, the first meeting with the legendary pilot Reg Brickel Jr. has been carried out. The temporary plan is to start swimming on Thursday early morning at 3:45am or Friday morning 4:30am.

Video of the meeting can be found below:


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Update posted by Chun Kong Mak On Jul 01, 2018

Hi Backers,

We have lowered the goal of the fundraising from €3000 to €1000 and wish to complete it. Our swimming support team have started our journey from 2am in Brno, Czech Republic to Dover, England. The road journey takes around 14-16hours. Then, we will wait for the good weather to start the twoway swim. Follow us on myswimchallenge on facebook for the most updated information.


Best Regards,

Chunkong Mak

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Update posted by Chun Kong Mak On Jun 06, 2018

Dear Backers,

It is cheerful that our campaign got published to swimswam.com, one of the biggest swimming magazine based in USA.

The following link is the article:


There are three weeks left to go and we will start our journey to England for the channel. After some time, the funding has reached 9%. Thank you everyone so far for donation! We need more sharing and support. Keep it up!


CK Mak

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Update posted by Chun Kong Mak On May 20, 2018

Thank you for all the sharing and donation. The donation got over €100 and is now shown on the public list on gogetfunding.com. 5% of the target is funded! We would appreciate if you could keep sharing the links to your friends.

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