Updates on Home Sweet Home- Bringing a family home

Update posted by Paige Kostyniuk On May 09, 2018

I am a single mom and I have had the most amazing experiences in my positions while I worked. I am not able to work anymore and I feel that I feel like I have failed my children and myself in doing so. I have an injury that will only get worse with age and my right hand is all I had to make the money I did. I had broken and shattered my right hand in a terrible accident a number of years ago and I never got it fixed properly or never gave it time to heal. I worked hard all my life and made good money all the time. These last couple of years everything came down on me and hard. I have a sick child of 24 years who is 10 years old in the mind. I have a few things going on myself and we both are doing okay. My son who is 8 is a great kid and he is doing very well. I love my kids and I never wanted us to live in poverty and have no home. It came one day and I didn't have the family anymore to help us. I had to make arrangements for all our things and find a place to go. We fell into a hardship that I can't fix alone and It would be great to get our little family back on our feet and whole again. Please find it in your hearts to help us get to our goal. Thank you kindly.

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