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Update posted by Regina Roundtree On Apr 28, 2018

We met Phase 1... WooHoo. Half the money was raised locally. Many in Southeast Asia deal with cash exclusively. I am pleased to have both local and foreign support. Keep it coming!!!!

NEW LOCATION: The first house did not work out ..but by God's grace I was led to this home and it is a little bit more than the other one but there is so much more that it offers. I have plenty of space to start a small center , do some English classes and host visitors in the extra bedroom.

**PHASE 2 **

This part is to raise money to buy some small tables and folding chairs, whiteboard, writing tools, paper etc. There are some learning material that I will need to buy on Amazon/Ebay and have shipped to the US and then have a friend send it here.

I would like to buy 2 computers and a printer but that might need to be in another phase. I am starting slow and making sure it is sustainable. See my Facebook page for more pictures of the house.

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Update posted by Regina Roundtree On Apr 19, 2018

I want to share photos of my opportunities to engage various groups of Vietnamese . I look forward to having one place to call home and make a difference.

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