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Update posted by Georgette Tan On Apr 26, 2018

Apologies for the lack of update, but thank you for those of you who are still sending donations this way! We are winding down to a close on this fund raising campaign.

Neyna was discharged from the hospital last Friday (April 20) after nearly two months in the hospital. She is recovering at a steady pace. Want to hear her story?

Filmmaker Eugene Chin made a short film about her.


'Neyna' is a short autobiographical documentary film that tells the story of a transgender woman in Kuching of the same name. In this film, she shares her experience with life and death, and a significant voice that awoken her from a 12-day comatose.

It premieres this Saturday, April 28 at 5.30pm at theRubber. Entry by donation of RM10. Event page here.

Cheers everyone!

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Update posted by Georgette Tan On Mar 28, 2018

A double update today! This morning, we heard from Kak Yati and Yusuf:

At the moment her health is improving much better and she has regain her voice. Tube has been removed from her neck and she is out from the ICU ward.


I also found myself with some free time after work so I dropped by to see if I could visit. I found Neyna out of ICU and in a private room, surrounded by family members. One of the sisters was feeding Neyna a messy chocolate donut with chocolate curls that escaped down the front of her hospital gown with every bite. TV was on, balloons were tied to the headboard, and celebratory ribbons stuck on the door and the walls. The hospital added the festive touches to celebrate her leaving ICU, she told me. She was sitting up in bed, her colour was good and she had so much to say after weeks of silence.

In-between bites of messy chocolate donut and people coming and going, Neyna said she heard of the various efforts to help raise funds and conveyed her thanks. She is still undergoing treatment; after the worst was over, she improved so rapidly that the doctors were amazed. She still needs to be on dialysis. She is learning as much as she could about what happened to her, adding that she has a damn big story to tell once she gets back on stage. Her sisters are restricting her phone access and her boss told her not to check her email for now.

While normal visiting hours are longer, Neyna asked that visits be limited to evening as most of her treatments happen in the day. She is under restricted access as her immune system is still recovering, so she might not be able to receive visitors all the time.

However, she knows we're thinking of her.

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Update posted by Georgette Tan On Mar 18, 2018

Mac and I visited Neyna this evening. Here's an update Mac sent to our various friend groups:


Visited Neyna this evening. She was awake and happy to see me and Georgette. She is unable to talk and we did our best conversing with hand signals and lip-reading.

She will still need medical treatment and will be in ICU for the immediate future. She has had 6 plasma treatments out of 14 in total. In between the plasma treatment is the dialysis treatment for her kidneys.

She is on the upswing but anything can happen so do keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


She also rolled her eyes a couple of times at some things I said to tease her.

Kak Jude said that she's been getting a record number of visitors that the ICU nurses are curious to know if Neyna is some kind of celebrity. To that I say YASS!

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Update posted by Georgette Tan On Mar 15, 2018

From Neyna's cousin:

Folks, an update for Neyna. Neyna is conscious, responsive and smiling. She is able to move her body and hands.

The news keeps getting better!

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Update posted by Georgette Tan On Mar 15, 2018

From Kak Yati:

Hi..we glad his condition is much better today than 2 days ago..he is improving well.


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Update posted by Georgette Tan On Mar 13, 2018

Another update today from Neyna's sister:

They perform a tracheotomy on his throat to help him breathe better & easier for the nurses to clear his lungs. This morning, slight reduction in bleeding. However, no update from doctors this evening. He’s conscious, listens to commands. We’ve not met the doctor this evening. His breathing seems to be calmer. Nya bernafas sik rapid juak. So alhamdulillah. Insyallah tok petanda utk nya pulih sediakala.

We are super hopeful it'll get better from here!

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Update posted by Georgette Tan On Mar 13, 2018

Apart from this fund raising page, a couple of us from Wordsmiths of Kuching (WoK) are also putting our artwork up for sale with proceeds going into this fund.

Angelina Anthea Bong is an established artist and poet, currently away on an art residency in Korea. She has paintings available for sale, with all proceeds going to Neyna's hospital bill.

Angelina says:

Referring to an earlier post about my friend Neyna Radzuan who is in a critical condition, I would like to donate a painting from this 'Explosion of Love' collection as part of fundraising for her hospitalization bills. She is known to always talk about love and she has a big heart!

Each painting is RM2000. ALL PROCEEDS go to fund her bills.
PM if you are interested.

Visit the Facebook album here: https://tinyurl.com/angel4neyna

Apart from writing about herself in third person, Georgette Tan is a poet and a founding member of WoK. Having recently picked up calligraphy, she is offering a handwritten version of a new poem (written for an ongoing WoK video project).

Georgette says:

I wrote this poem inspired by something I said to a friend recently, and not in relation to Neyna's situation.

Neyna lives her life being true to herself, which is something a lot of us struggle with, and something that is extremely courageous for her. She lights the room up when she walks in, probably because she lights us on fire, yo.

Each handwritten copy of this poem is priced at RM50. The entire sum goes towards the hospital bill.

See the video and a sample of the handwritten poem on Instagram here: https://tinyurl.com/gette4neyna

You can contact either one of these artists directly, through this campaign, or at [email protected]

Are you doing something similar for Neyna? Drop us a line and we'll help you highlight it!

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Update posted by Sze Lyn Poh On Mar 13, 2018

From Neyna's sister:

Salam, update. Slight progress. When they suction his lungs it was not as red. Slightly just brownish. A good sign maybe. But last night they had to give another pint of blood. He is slightly stable this morning. Let’s pray that’s a sign of recovery for him. TQ for caring & supportive of him & us his family.

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Update posted by Sze Lyn Poh On Mar 12, 2018

Hi all,

So the GoGetFunding admins have advised us on this matter, and the problem stems from PayPal Malaysia not having the full service site. Their proposed solution is not quite feasible for now, so while we figure things out, can we request that those of you who do not have a Paypal account to do the following:

- Please click on "Send A Message" below Sze-Lyn's name and role as "Campaign Owner".

- Let us know the amount you would like to donate and we will arrange offline donation from there.

Thank you!

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Update posted by Sze Lyn Poh On Mar 12, 2018

Hi folks.

Updates on Neyna’s condition as of this evening.

She had a plasma exchange on Saturday and dialysis for her kidneys. This morning (Monday) there was bleeding in her lungs so as of 8.30pm she had a blood transfusion to replace the blood she lost, about two (2) pints. Her condition is critical for the next few hours.

Both her sisters are appreciative to all the support and help rendered. They ask that we keep Neyna in our prayers.

The family will keep us updated of any new developments and we will post them here as we get them.

In the meantime, let's do what we can, in what ever means possible.

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